Service provider customers expect more.   The pace of change around us is not just constant but continuing to accelerate.   To stay competitive with the nimble new players in the market, service providers need to change how they engage all of their end customers.   Not exactly an easy challenge to overcome, but rapid and successful business transformation will put operators right in the middle of a world of new opportunities to capture customer mindshare.  Exciting times are ahead!

So, what will it take for service providers to save money on their current service offerings, enabling them to invest and expand their businesses?   Positive outcomes are made possible by an open, agile, and application centric approach, combining emerging Software-Defined Network (SDN), Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), and Open API technologies …  not just to the network… but to all of their business processes.

Faster creation of personalized services that are easy to consume is enabled by the Cisco Evolved Services Platform (ESP), automating and provisioning new services in real-time at web speed.   End customers can quickly add cloud based video replay, new virtualized managed services, and personalized mobile services through an easy to use service portal.  Service providers are in the best position to leverage these open, elastic, best-in-class capabilities across a multivendor ecosystem of technology and business partners, accelerating innovation of amazing new services, while radically reducing their costs.

For more on the topic, read and share this short overview.

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Ian A. Hood

Senior Architect – Service Provider Business

Cisco Development Organization (CDO)