I’m proud to announce that Cisco and our partners have been awarded the ‘Best Application of Frameworx’ award by TM Forum, through our participation in last year’s Catalyst Program. Demonstrations were held during the TM Forum Live! Digital Disruption 2014 event in San Jose.

For those of you not familiar with this program, it is where service providers, technology suppliers and global enterprises come together to create innovative solutions to common real world problems. Solutions are based on proven TM Forum’s business governance framework referred to as ‘Frameworx’ which employs best practices and standards to enable reliable and scalable service deployments.

The Catalyst program serves as an opportunity not only for collaboration and exchange of ideas among industry leaders and experts, but a venue for vendors to showcase their technology and thought leadership in helping enable providers to deliver profitable, customer centered services.

TM Forum Live

This year the focus was on improving the healthcare ecosystem – where patients under assisted living can be remotely monitored, in real-time, right in their homes. Through the use of a simple application the patient can download onto their mobile devices, they could be checked for their glucose levels, blood pressure or heart rates, for example, and be reminded to take their prescribed medications on time. If data gathered by the hosting system presents a case where the individual needs immediate medical attention, the appropriate measures can be taken as part of a complete healthcare package the individual may have subscribed to. The idea is to bring together the required services to provide the best and most comprehensive care based on the patient’s needs.

As you can imagine, the implementation of such a solution, requires a sophisticated mechanism of bringing together the various elements within the ecosystem in delivering the service best tailored to the specific needs of the patient.   At the heart of this solution is the Cisco Prime Active Catalog. Designed around the TM Forum product and service assembly (PSA) standard, this product provides a unique and very flexible way of aggregating capabilities into service bundles directly to customer-facing service levels and helping service providers to easily publish them into commercial product catalogs designed for the end user. You can see the presentation of the eHealth project here.

On behalf of Cisco, I’d like to thank the sponsors and participants in this event, and a very special thank you to the judges at TM Forum for granting Cisco and our partners this valuable award. Last but not least, thank you to the Cisco team for their open collaboration with other vendors in creating the solution and making the project a huge success. I look forward to our continued participation in the Catalyst program.

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JL Valente

Vice President, Product Management, Enterprise Routing and SD-WAN

Networking Experiences Team