chowj-300x4001By Joe Chow, VP & GM, Connected Devices Business Unit, Cisco

Our home entertainment centers are rapidly changing. For decades, the television has been the center of American living room, but with the advent of cable, video games, streaming services and the cloud, our definitions of TV and set-top boxes have evolved. These days, a cellphone can be remote control and a remote control can be a security system. Consumers can watch movies on-demand or access second-screen content with their tablets or they can check their Facebook over their TV sets. Meanwhile society demands are expanding to include environmental concerns as well greater efficiencies.

To address many of the questions of the changing market, Cisco is launching a new video SPotlight series. Through the course of several videos, key Cisco executives will answer questions and provide commentary on many of the hottest topics in television and video.

In the inaugural video, Joe Chow, vice president of Connected Devices, discusses the state of the connected home – including Cisco’s Connected Home incubator and product roadmap, and what consumers can expect in the future as a result of the “convergence between entertainment, control, automation and lifestyle applications inside the home.”

Other topics covered in this video interview include:

  • The evolution of customer premise equipment (CPE) in the home
  • Energy consumption of set-top boxes
  • The end-to-end security in connected homes
  • The aggregation of data to aid in applications such as energy management

Television continues to remain the centerpiece of the American household but to keep pace with how TV is transforming, be sure to keep your eye on the Cisco’s Video SPotlight series in the weeks and months ahead.



David Yates

as Director of Service Provider Video Marketing at Cisco