Did you know that by 2018, there will be in excess of $600 Billion dollars of revenue opportunities in cloud, mobile and video?

Do you want to know the average cost per GB to deliver service over a Mobile IP network?

Do you want to know the forecast of how much would it cost per GB to deliver video services ?


With Cisco Monetization and Optimization Index ( MOI)  you can get answers to many such questions..

The Internet of Everything is driving change and opportunity for service providers.  Our Visual Networking Index estimates that by 2017 the annual run rate for IP traffic will be greater than a zettabyte (1 zettabyte = 1 billion terabytes or about 250 billion DVDs) .  Yet even with network demands booming, service provider revenues are only growing at low single-digit rates.  How can they move beyond connectivity and re-ignite top line growth?

Our service provider customers have challenged us to help them identify new service opportunities and the potential for them in their specific markets.  They also want our help navigating the myriad of new and emerging technologies transforming how they can deliver services in order to understand the impact and benefit to their businesses. We at Cisco have created our Monetization and Optimization Index to respond to these needs and deliver on their specific business outcomes.

Monetization and Optimization Index is a service provider business & technology framework that shows service providers new revenue and cost savings opportunities using Cisco’s Evolved Services Platform and Evolved Programmable Networks including technologies such as orchestration, SDN/NFV over their multivendor physical and virtual networks. It gives you a view of service innovations in each of Cloud, Mobile and Video that can make  service providers more money. It sizes up the addressable market for specific new services and estimates the increase in average revenue per customer each can drive – globally and by geographic region.
The Monetization and Optimization Index lets you download the specific geographic and services data you want to keep. You can even customize inputs, calculate results specific to your own scenario, and save them.

By the numbers…

Mobile service providers can boost their ARPU by $6 while generating around 16% in cost savings using Cisco architecture solutions. The worldwide average cost to deliver services in a mobile network is projected at $3.18 per GB.

On average video operators can expect to improve their ARPU by $9 while lowering their overall cost to deliver services by 16%. The worldwide average cost of delivering video services is forecast to be $1.77 per GB.

Cloud operators expect to improve their monthly revenue per enterprise customer to $11,251 using a multi-services cloud solution while reducing their infrastructure cost by 19%. The worldwide average cost for cloud services is an estimated $4317 per enterprise customer.

These revenue, savings and cost numbers vary by region. Go to the MOI tool find out your regional forecast and customize, or connect with us to learn more.


Sanjeev Mervana

Vice President of Product Management

Emerging Technologies & Incubation