We are incredibly excited to be the premier sponsor at Light Reading’s Software Defined Operations & the Autonomous Network event in London on November 7th and 8th!

Light Reading has established this event as an opportunity for service providers and telecom industry leaders to engage in high-level discussions about the future of operations and automation in helping their businesses work more efficiently and reliably.

Cisco is the industry leader in network automation solutions and this event gives us a chance to highlight our technical leadership in the field, particularly through the standardization of streaming telemetry with data models and accelerate and automate service delivery through Cisco Network Services Orchestrator.

Carl Moberg, Director of Technology in the Cloud Solutions and Platform Groups, will be presenting a keynote address on the self-publishing network – integrating network intent into customer-facing systems.  Carl leads the engineering strategy for Cisco Network Services Orchestrator and is a veteran of the industry.

Additionally, we have the opportunity to join three panels during the event:

Telemetry & Analytics – How to Get Better Insights into Network & Service Performance

  • John Clowers, Senior Manager of Systems Engineering, Automation and Orchestration
  • This panel will provide an opportunity for Cisco customers to learn about the strength of standardizing streaming telemetry with YANG data models, and the necessity of this as a first step in automating their networks.

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning for Network Automation

  • Paola Arosio, Senior Product Manager, Service Provider Network Automation and Analytics
  • By focusing on the difficulties, but subsequent opportunities, of integrating machine learning into network automation, this panel will help Cisco’s customers understand that opportunities exist today for service providers to begin utilizing machine learning in their own automation solutions. Paola will highlight how we are working with our customers today to make this happen, and the urgency that network automation with integrated machine learning is no longer just a topic for conferences, but a real solution with Cisco Crosswork Situation Manager.

Zero Touch Analytics – Delivering Insights in Real Time

  • Martin Thygesen, Product Manager for Cisco Crosswork
  • This panel will focus on the importance of zero touch analytics and the customer’s need to take proactive control of their network and make decisions backed with data-driven conclusions, not simply intuition. As a product manager for Cisco Crosswork Network Insights, Martin has a uniquely qualified perspective to discuss how a cloud-delivered service like Network Insights can provide rich analysis, visualization, and alerting on actionable network events to assess the routing health of a customer’s network.

We can’t wait to see what Light Reading’s Software Defined Operations & the Autonomous Network event in London will provide to our own team as far as industry insights and direction.

I encourage all of our team members to be on the lookout for a video from Carl during the event shortly after the show has ended, as well as encourage all to sign up and participate in a webinar that will discuss some of the important topics covered in London later this month.

See you all in London!


Ben Taylor

Director, Journeys & Strategic Planning

Customer Experience Marketing