There has never been a better time for the Media and Broadcast Industry. As viewers demand more compelling and engaging live productions, broadcaster’s workflows continue to become more complex, whether live or in the studio. You need tools that can help you tell better stories with the flexibility and creativity that keeps viewers watching across multiple platforms. Live production technology has enabled media studios to acquire, produce, and playout content, via powerful networks connecting studio locations and live events. And with the move from SDI to IP workflows, these advancements have had a tremendous impact on the media industry but they come with a host of troubling security concerns.

That is why Cisco has enhanced it’s partnership with Grass Valley and Tripwire and have detailed their end-to-end solutions to enable media and broadcast providers to move towards digitization and deliver comprehensive protection of their media broadcast and production environments.

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At IBC, Grass Valley announced a new global resell agreement with Cisco’s IP Fabric solution, integrated with Grass Valley broadcast production systems. As part of the agreement, Grass Valley will sell Cisco Nexus 9000 Series Switches together with their GV Node platform to provide a non-blocking, highly scalable core networking solution necessary for a complete media workflow and form the basis for Cisco’s IP Fabric for Media. GV Node Real-Time IP Processing and Edge Routing Platform, GV Convergent IP/SDI Router Control & Configuration System and the IPG-3901 SDI/IP Gateway make it possible for users to build a true IP workflow built around COTS IP switches.

Cisco and Grass Valley are integrating their solutions to secure broadcast production.

Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) helps to lock down the control and management plane into the Grass Valley GV Node infrastructure with granular role-based access control.

In addition, security integration across Tripwire and Cisco solutions provide real-time vulnerability monitoring and detection to increase visibility, reduce complexity, and speed the time to detect and mitigate threats.

Tripwire IP360, adds vulnerability and risk assessment that monitors the entire production network. Vulnerability data and events are sent to Cisco Firepower Management Center (via Cisco Event Steamer or eStreamer API) for enhanced security visibility. Firepower Management Center maps Tripwire vulernability data with it’s threat intelligence and automation to intelligently detect and mitigate against threats.

When suspicious files are detected in the network by Tripwire Enterprise, it works with AMP Threat Grid’s content driven security analytics to dynamically analyze submitted files, executing the sample in a safe environment, examining the behavior, and correlating the results with hundreds of millions of other analyzed malware artifacts. In less than 10 minutes AMP Threat Grid reports back and works with Tripwire Enterprise to tags the file with a result. Similarly, when suspicious or malicious network activity is identified by Stealthwatch it reports back and works with Tripwire Enterprise to start an incident response investigation to quickly detect and repond to advanced threats.

Security integration with Cisco AMP Threat Grid, Cisco Stealthwatch, and Tripwire Enterprise, enable media and broadcast providers to quickly prioritize actions for changes on systems with threats identified by AMP Threat Grid and initiate workflow actions for quick remediation.

The Grass Valley – Tripwire – Cisco partnership delivers a secure, state of the art media broadcast platform. Visit us at IBC and find out how we can help you deliver uninterrupted content to your customers.


Sam Rastogi

Senior Product & Solutions Marketing Manager