Slide2So according to a recent report by the ITU, at the end of 2015 there were more than 7 billion mobile cellular subscriptions globally, or the equivalent of 98% penetration of the world’s 7.14 billion population. With the average length of a mobile phone as 4.5, if laid end to end that would equal more than 7 times around the earth. Mobile-broadband penetration levels are increasing as well, with highest in Europe and the Americas at around 78 active subscriptions per 100 inhabitants.

That is a lot of devices, lots of contention for Mobile Internet Service, and the demand is increasing!!!

So what is a mobile operator to do?…….. Follow the leader.

Cisco Leadership

5500According to IHS Research, Cisco continues to lead the Mobile Industry in both Total Mobile Packet Core at 22%, but also leads in Evolved Packet Core at 29%. Why is that do you ask?

Well it is because of our continued investment in our Cisco ASR 5000 Series Platform that enables us to win against the other competitors. We win because the competition cannot compete against Cisco’s Software and Hardware Development.

Software Development

Each year we continue to develop our Cisco StarOS software that runs in more than 350 customer networks globally on our ASR 5000 Series Platform. So whether a customer buys our ASR 5500, 5700, Virtualized Packet Core (VPC), or recently announced at MWC 2016, our Ultra Services Platform, each of our platforms have the same look, feel, and features because we run the same software platform.

We continue to enhance our rich software, StarOS platform by developing more than 350 software features per year, with about one-third of those features for 3GPP compliance and the remaining two-thirds of those features customer requested features.

Hardware Development

We continue to develop our ASR 5500 hardware recently releasing our “next generation”, our DPC2 that has 300 – 400% improved performance then our prior versions. Soon we will be releasing other enhancements increasing our port density per footprint with continued investment, supplying our customers with even more port density on our Packet Core Solution.

Watch this space

So watch this space for new releases coming soon on our ASR 5000 Series Hardware Platform.

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Jim O'Leary

Sr. Manager Mobile Solutions Marketing