Because business today is conducted anywhere, anytime, the mobile phone is quickly becoming the primary communications tool of professionals everywhere. While mobility is a great capability for the businessperson, it presents a host of challenges for the enterprise. How do I manage mobile usage, security and costs? How do I enable and enhance business collaboration when my employees are scattered across the map?

With today’s introduction of the Collaboration Mobile Convergence (CMC) solution, Cisco and Ericsson are introducing a set of tools that not only solves these problems for Enterprises, but also provides Service Providers with a robust portfolio of collaboration service capabilities.

CMC brings together Cisco’s business collaboration tools and Ericsson’s mobile communications technologies to enable the convergence of business services and network capabilities.

Both Service Providers and Enterprises will benefit from CMC. Regardless if a service provider uses a Cisco Evolved Packet Core, an Ericsson or even a third-party one, CMC allows them to enable services like unified communications, messaging, and meetings across any device. And Enterprises can ensure consistent policy implementation across all calls, both mobile and fixed, while enjoying the cost savings resulting from free internal calling and converged billing.

As a result, mobile business people will enjoy enterprise-based unified communications features like hold, resume, and conference, along with unified business voice mail and HD voice – and all from native dialer.

Finally, users can take advantage of Cisco Spark features like messaging, in-line file sharing, and HD video conferencing across multiple devices; all managed from any mobile device with the ability to move calls seamlessly between devices with a simple swipe.

In summary, Collaboration Mobile Convergence turns the mobile phone into a powerful enterprise-connected device, and gives Service Providers the ability to deliver differentiated value-added services to their enterprise customers.

Stop by either the Cisco booth or the Ericsson booth at Mobile World Congress to see CMC in action.

Thanks for reading.


Doug Webster

Vice President