When the dCloud team (@ciscodcloud) moderated the August 22nd #CiscoChat about #CustomerExperience, we asked some simple questions and got some complex, well thought out answers. One thing we learned is that people love to talk about the #CustomerExperience, at Cisco and beyond! Here are our questions, and some of our favorite answers!

Q1: Share your favorite example of an unparalleled #B2B #CustomerExperience.

Favorite customer experiences were plentiful and varied. Some of the answers were about using Cisco technologies to connect people.


Cisco groups collaborating to achieve excellence were on some people’s minds.


Some people pointed out other companies, in other industries, that are doing a great job!


And never to miss a chance to turn a support issue into an opportunity.


Q2: What does #CustomerExperience mean to you?

There are as many answers to this question as there are people, but we definitely identified some common themes – Excellence in behind-the-scenes processes, and true engagement help us in the journey.


Clear messaging and uncluttered branding got a nod – let the customer know what we stand for!


In the end, in a lot of people’s minds, it boils down to relationships




Q3: Whose job is it to ensure a great #CustomerExperience?

Whose job is the customer experience? A resounding EVERYONE’S met this question!


With reminders that excellence in customer service is culture-driven…


… and that there’s some customer accountability in the process!


Q4: How do you put the Customer first?

There are a lot of people working to offer the customer a great experience out there…



… possibly with a bowtie


… and a lot of people working to do the same for their team!

Q5: How do you help your Team succeed?

Shout out to @sarveshgupta89 for summing this one up with the seven C’s!


And a spot of candy never goes amiss!


Q6: What matters most to you, when you are the Customer?

You know what people really want in a customer experience? A quality product and a good relationship.



And we can’t do anything without Dilbert!


Being heard is a key driver for many, and the basis for building a great relationship.


Q7: What is your all-time favorite Cisco #CustomerExperience?

The integration of Cisco into daily life, called out first –


And the personal touch!


And lastly, we took some dCloud love in answer to this question!



Love you back, guys!

What we learned might not seem groundbreaking, but it was a good touch point – validating that our team culture of listening to learn and make every member feel valued is what we need to take us into the future. And of course, some common-sense reminders:

  • Internal and external #CustomerExperience are equally important – give your Cisco customers, and your own team, the same level of service that an external customer would receive.
  • #CustomerExperience is about relationships, not products. The best products won’t make the customer happy if they’re not backed up by integrity, good communication, and accountability.
  • Everyone has a part to play in a great #CustomerExperience.
  • People love dCloud. (That’s not a reminder. We just like saying it.)
  • Nobody ever forgets the first time @ChuckRobbins likes their tweet!

Watch this space for more from Cisco dCloud, and check out our new, user-friendly UI at dcloud.cisco.com!


Anne Robotti

Senior Technical Writer

eXperience Services - dCloud