The excitement around the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing (#GHC16) conference is growing and growing! That’s because only a few days from now, some really awesome women in tech will descend upon Houston, TX and begin three days of networking, learning, interviewing and having fun!

With #GHC16 just around the corner, the @Cisco_Wise (Women in Science and Engineering) Twitter handle and the ‘WeAreCisco’ Snapchat channel partnered on the very first ever #CiscoChat / Snapchat crossover!

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Not only was there great conversation happening on the Twitter chat, where Christine Bastian, VP of HR was answering questions about the great advantages, challenges and advice for being a successful woman in technology. In addition to answering the questions in 140 characters during the #CiscoChat, she also gave a little more detail on the topic with help from one of the WeAreCisco Snapchat super employee ambassadors, Rehana Rehman, Business Operations Manager.

Why a Snapchat crossover? That’s because next week at #GHC16, the WeAreCisco Snapchat channel will be Snapping away with attendees and encouraging them to share about this same topic – what makes them a strong woman in tech – where they can win an opportunity to get a networking opportunity with one of Cisco’s great women in technology leaders, Liz Centoni, SVP/GM of Cisco’s Computing Systems Product Group. If you want participate, or to follow along with WeAreCisco at #GHC16 on Snapchat, be sure to scan our Snapcode, or search for username WeAreCisco.

Below you’ll find a recap of the Snapchat story, in case you missed it, and the link to the Storify, where you can see the conversation from the #CiscoChat.

Will you be in Houston at #GHC16 next week? Be sure to stop by and say hi, or comment below to make connections before you go.

Want to join us and be a strong CISCO woman in tech? Visit our Careers site.


Carmen Shirkey Collins

Social Media Manager

Talent Brand and Enablement Team, HR