Did you know Cisco.com gets more than 355.5M visits a year?  One out of every 10 visits is from a mobile device and mobile usage is growing. Much of the Cisco website is mobile-friendly, with the new Cisco.com Home page, Product pages, revised Support Home Page, and over 7,800 Model pages. Now we are turning our attention to 200K+standalone, single HTML content pages.

A new mobile-friendly (responsive) template is being applied to all content pages on Cisco.com.

  • In June, the team converted more than 17,300 pages to a responsive format
  • By the end of September, 50,000 standalone HTML pages will be mobile-friendly
  • By early 2016, the remaining standalone HTML pages, Books and Chapters, and all localized documents will be converted as well

It’s more than just a smaller screen size

Not only does the new mobile-friendly format automatically adjust to fit any screen size, it also includes some new design features:

  • Breadcrumbs across the top that replace navigation entries on the left and provide more space for the content
  • Responsive content, images, tables, and designated areas for items like “Open a Case” and Share buttons
  • Downloadable versions including pdf, mobi, and epub, when available
  • Click through to see an example of a responsive page for product release notes:


Let us know how we are doing.  Add a comment or click on the feedback link on any document, and we’ll get back with you.

– By Joann Hartman, Christopher Bey, and Vipul Ashta


Joann Hartman

Technical Lead, Services

Smart Web Technology Group, Tech Comms, and WEM IT