What do you think should be connected to the Internet of Everything?


Last week, Cisco and WIRED.com asked that very question as part of an all-day Tweet Chat, stirring up a huge amount of conversation around the connection possibilities of the future! Throughout the day, readers submitted their ideas of what could connect on IoE, tagging their responses with #IoE and @Cisco to join the chat. Submissions were featured on the WIRED.com homepage as part of a special homepage module.

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As the responses flooded in, the Cisco team worked behind the scenes from our Social Media Listening Center to respond to submissions with fun commentary, unique links and more information. From connected workout shoes to connected traffic lights, the ideas were innovating and inspiring.

In total, the Tweet Chat resulted in over 1100 tweets. Responses ranged from connecting kids’ toys and diapers to connecting a toothbrush and running shoes. We shared information on connected dry cleaning and what happens when fossils connect to classrooms.

Cisco employees also joined in on the conversations, sharing their dream connections. Wetsuits, dog collars and bills all made the list.

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Connected cars and connected coffee pots stood out from the pack as overall top requests, suggesting that the opportunity is rich for any company that can help make a person’s morning commute easier. Who wouldn’t want to get a few extra minutes of sleep in the morning, after all? Cisco has been making huge strides in the area with our Cisco Connected Car, and so have our partners. For example, Toyota is leveraging the Internet of Everything (IoE) to make cars and roads safer and smarter with systems that support drivers and help to avoid accidents. And as for that cup of morning Joe, you can explore Connect This With That to see how a cup of coffee and other everyday items can connect to make our lives easier, all thanks to IoE.

It was a great day of inspiring ideas from across the globe! We documented the day on our Cisco Storify channel so you can go back and check out all of the great ideas and conversations. Many thanks to our Cisco team who supported the event, both on-site and virtually. We couldn’t have done it without you!

So, what would you connect next? The conversation doesn’t end here. Read about the next generation of the connected car – a flying car, no less – in this latest blog post from Dave Evans, and learn how you can connect yourself to the Internet with this post from Rachael McBrearty. And don’t forget to tag your ideas on Twitter with #IoE to continue to see what happens when you connect the unconnected!