Believe it or not, consumers feel more emotionally connected to Cisco than to Apple, Amazon, McDonalds, or even Nordstrom’s.  New research just out from Google and CEB Marketing Leadership Council, is pointing to the fact that customers are more emotionally connected to B-to-B brands than to consumer brands.   Really?   Yes, and with the data to back it up:

Research from Google and CEB Marketing Leadership Council

As Cisco continues to strengthen our digital experience, we continue to rank well in both the Interbrand study and the ByteLevel Research ranking for Best Global Enterprise Technology website.    In the Interbrand study, Cisco ranks  13th in the overall rankings, pushing Disney down into 14th (Cisco maintained its position as #8 among the high-tech brands).  And Cisco.com was ranked #4 worldwide in 2013 by industry research firm ByteLevel Research, among such peers as Adobe, GE, HP, Microsoft, Intel, EMC, etc.

Which brand to you feel ‘emotionally’ connected to?



Mark Yolton

Vice President of Digital

Cisco Marketing