Cisco RV340 and RV345 Dual WAN VPN Routers

June 12, 2017 - 16 Comments

Hello all,

I thought it would be a good time to provide a quick update on our Cisco RV Series. As amazing as Rafael Nadal is as he took his 10th French Open yesterday at Roland Garros, our new RV340 Series models continue to amaze as they make their way to your local Cisco Partners!

Well the two thoughts may not be that close in scale, but we certainly do continue to hear how well people are liking their new RV340 and RV345 models. The new models possess the performance, reliability and ease-of-use that most products of their kind can not tout. It is this combination of features, security, performance, value, warranty and support that demands attention from our partners and customer alike.

All models offer Dual WAN ports for load balancing and failover, plus USB LTE modem connectivity for additional failover or pure LTE connectivity. There is support for the Cisco AnyConnect Security Mobility Client, which is ideal for remote access for mobile devices. Read up on each model on the above web links.

Now the fun part, the Cisco RV345P and the Cisco RV340W are about to hit the market. The PoE model and our wireless model will hit the channel in a couple of weeks. Also, we do have a new Wireless Access Point making it’s way to the market, it is called the WAP125 – but much more on all three of the new models coming soon, very very soon!

Remember to take a look at Cisco FindIT.

That was a quick update, but rest assured, we have been quite busy getting things done!

Have a great week!

The Small Business Team

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  1. Does the firewall attack prevention has also the “stealth mode”?
    I can’t find it in these new models but there was in previous models…

  2. Also are the new RV34x’s anyconnect capable without additional licensing? How many users? If it will be licensed allow me to recommend at least 1 or 2 “included” anyconnect licenses, so the installer/partner and maybe the biz owner/customer can leverage at least for remote support if nothing else, for scenarios where they dont need for the user community, but we do for the ongoing customer relations/support. And include the client software! 🙂

    • Hi, remote access can be leveraged with IPSec from Windows or Mac very easily and without additional cost. Anyconnect SSL remote access comes in handy when you use a mobile device as the Anyconnect Client App can be downloaded from the mobile app stores.
      Anyconnect Client for Windows or Mac is not included and need to be purchased seperately.
      2 connections can be setup without additional cost from a mobile device , for a Laptop you would need to purchase the client extra.

  3. Any updates on the support 4G LTE usb cards? Only doc i could find list a single verizon card, a model from 2011 !?!? Even the last gen RV has better/newer supported cards. Hoping a card that can leverage this improved horsepower will be documented as supported soon, have some projects in the pipeline that the RV34x would be perfect for, but i hesitate until I am assured USB support


  4. When will these be available in France ?

    • The routers are available in France already. Let me know if you issues finding a distributor. Or let me know where you would like to buy it and i will make sure they stock it 😉

  5. Hi Pedro, The recommended users support for the Cisco RV340W is up to 50 users at 2.4 GHz and 124 users at 5 GHz simultaneously. Cisco RV340W is an Integrated 802.11ac WLAN access point with 4 fixed external antennas (Wave 2 MU-MIMO).For more information about the Cisco RV340W specification, you can check the datasheet of the device in the link below:

    Also, for any assistance regarding your inquiry, you can reach out to the Cisco Small Business Presales team by sending email to

  6. Hi, I’m interested on RV340w to equip a conference room, where 120 to 140 devices will be connected simultaneously, but (1) I’m not sure the RV340w can handle all of it. (2) Can I connect/manage AP’s? If yes, which cisco access points you recommend and (3) can I install more powerful antennas no RV340W? Thank you in advance!

  7. I am very interested in the RV340, but I can’t seem to find a couple answers in the documentation:
    (1) How many Static DHCP entries are supported? I like to control the IP address of each device, rather than use Dynamic addressing, so I am hoping the limit is above 50.

    (2) I see references to “licenses”and their possibly expiring. I’ve never had anything on my routers that required licensing, and it’s not clear to me what this is about? Besides the cost of the router itself, what are the additional one-time or recurring charges that I will have with this router?


    • Thanks for your interest and posting questions.

      (1)Let me check on the max number of static DHCP entries as i do not have them in my mind. Will get back here asap.

      (2)You can perfectly run the router without the license. With the security license you will get additional security features. And the best thing you can try these features 90 days for free before you decide if you need the features.

      The security features controlled by the security license are:dynamic web security, app visibility, client.

  8. When will these be available in the UK?

  9. Awesome