Co-authors: Malek Shahid, Bala Nagesh

Ensuring safe distancing, additional capacity, and extended workspaces—those are the top drivers behind the successful continuation of services that clinics, schools, workplaces, and hospitals have been providing. COVID-19 and social distancing has created the need for additional workspaces in order for employees to return to safe sites, teachers and students to continue delivering and receiving education, and patients to get the timely care they need.

Providing extended facilities, driven by needs for either adding new logistical and operational sites or providing additional workspace, requires all helping hands for fast response while ensuring modern infrastructure facilities are set up and able to sustain a safe and connected return. The pandemic has been a major drain on time and resources, demanding organizations’ attention to countless new, additional tasks and responsibilities. Organizations need the help of outside experts to supplement their current teams, someone to partner with them to complement their organization with the time and resources they need to keep pace with these objectives.

How do we ensure our Pop-up Sites support business resiliency amidst today’s unique needs, while also ensuring preparedness for the future?

Enabling Continuity of Operations Anywhere

Despite unprecedented patient volumes, the need for new testing and screening facilities, specialized equipment shortages, novel safety requirements (e.g. social distancing), and new corporate network access demands, there’s a real opportunity to not set up merely makeshift sites, but centers for high-quality care, education, and corporate operations. The new Cisco Customer Experience (CX) offer for Pop-up Sites helps organizations keep pace with today’s unprecedented healthcare, corporate, and education demands, empowering them to get the most from strained resources and maintain resiliency.

Cisco CX engineering experts help with advisory services to facilitate the Cisco CX offer for Pop-up Sites, delivering a packaged IT infrastructure kit, which can be set up within a few days of delivery at site. Our Cisco CX experts collaborate with organizations to assess their current infrastructure landscape, discover their unique objectives, and define the best solution to address the gap between their current capabilities and their new expanded or extended needs due to COVID-19. In addition to defining and documenting requirements for setting up additional facility capacity, Cisco CX also configures the packaged IT infrastructure kit, tests connectivity prior to production use, provides expert guidance, and delivers AS-Built documentation to help organizations confidently leverage their newly deployed IT infrastructure for ongoing business resiliency.

We speed the expansion of facilities with IT connectivity services for wireless and wireline connections across data and voice for up to 100 devices (e.g. laptops, desktops, and mobile devices). The solution’s modularity allows for easy scaling to accommodate larger venues, increasing demands, and rapidly changing environments.

Cisco CX employs its extensive expertise in evolving cyber security to expedite safe access to corporate networks, connecting Pop-up Sites with existing networks and security profiles and policies to ensure efficient connectivity of internal resources. This includes PCI and HIPPA compliance as well as continued, secure access to records databases.

The Cisco CX offer for Pop-up Sites packaged IT solution is designed to address some of the most critical use cases. These include:

Pop-up Sites Use Cases

Office extension pop-ups: The Cisco CX offer for Pop-up Sites enables customers to ensure safe physical distancing requirements by providing secure wired and wireless venues.​ Our Cisco CX experts will get teams connected to their corporate network for consistent and convenient access to internal resources.

Clinic extension pop-ups​: Cisco CX will provide the IT equipment and configuration to connect pop-up extensions back to their primary hospital, clinic, and pharmacy’s backend systems. This way, those in the organization’s care can continue receiving critical vaccinations, access to drive-through testing facilities, quick patient checkups, and more.

Classroom extension pop-up​s: We support teachers and administrators with temporary classroom spaces, such as Blackboards, Google classrooms, or similar classroom applications, via Cisco CX’s implementation of a packaged IT infrastructure kit. Our support also includes assistance with temporary meeting locations and workspaces to help educators and administrators continue creating student lesson plans and arranging student testing.

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Why Cisco CX for COVID-19 Business Resiliency

Cisco CX is a trusted partner, combining our vast knowledge of all types of IT spaces and applying it to what organizations need for their people to be safe and network resources securely connected. Organizations partnering with Cisco CX for their COVID-19 business resiliency get the trusted advisory, flawless execution, and cost-effective support they need in one place—with speed.

The Cisco CX team is helping organizations create distributed work models built to stand up strong to today’s COVID-19 challenges and resilient in the face of an uncertain future. We are ready to empower businesses, clinics, institutions, and organizations to rapidly implement their surge workspace equipment and support for business resiliency. Learn more on how Cisco CX can help get organizations up and running quickly and efficiently to rapidly deploy their IT infrastructure for Pop-up Sites: click here.

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Vidya Sawhny

Marketing Manager

Cloud & Data Center Services