NAB Show – ‘where content comes alive.’ At this premier event for the media, entertainment, and technology industries, the biggest names in broadcasting came together to discuss the latest trends and the future of cable.

Consumers of the future (and, in many ways, consumers of today) want better experiences, AR/VR, and easy and immediate access to our favorite content – anywhere we may be. And we want to trust the companies that provide these services to us to do what they say they’re going to do: deliver.

Bandwidth issues during the heat of a big game, or a “fake news” controversy can result in end-customers questioning the reliability and reputation of the provider. And since global IP traffic is expected to triple between 2015 and 2020 with video accounting for 82%*, it’s critical broadcasters provide quality and trustworthy service.

With this market landscape of constant demand for ever-faster services, growing costs and complexities, and increasing security concerns, you must perform at scale, obtain topline intelligence with operational excellence, and achieve always-on collaboration so you can talk to the right people to get the right content. And you need a partner you can trust with the expertise to ensure your success in these key areas.

Let’s discuss what it took to broadcast the NBC 2018 PyeongChang Olympics – what digital media leader Roger Sherwood has called “The Olympics Behind The Olympics”:

  • 3,000 people at NBC (plus countless technology partner team members)
  • 2,400 hours of content (more than any previous Winter Games)
  • Across 7,000 miles
  • With a 14-hour time difference
  • And a technology partnership with Cisco and others

This is the 10th year we have partnered with NBC Olympics to tell the stories of the best athletes in the world. And for each of these Olympic Games, our IT expertise has helped the broadcast Perform. Consistently.


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* Source: Cisco VNI Complete Forecast, June 2016


Steve Yager

Vice President Global Service Providers Services

Advanced Services