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Companies need to be agile and able to leverage a large variety of connected devices and applications across all their employees and vendors to improve efficiency, increase revenue, and drive enhanced business outcomes. But as our networks grow to meet those demands, they become more complex, which limits our visibility, reduces our access control, and inhibits threat detection and containment.

Furthermore, in this current environment of rapidly expanding remote work, with VPN connectivity magnified and wireless access exploding, the vulnerabilities are much higher, faster, and more costly, prompting organizations to be more proactive versus reactive. But how do organizations spearhead company-wide security when they’re already overwhelmed with real threats happening now?

Cisco Customer Experience for Your Zero Trust Strategy

In order to gain control, increase visibility, and improve the security of our networks, we must shift our paradigm from a perimeter-centric approach to a Zero Trust model. Zero Trust is a journey rather than a destination, and all organizations are capable of doing it. Cisco Customer Experience (CX) is introducing a new Zero Trust Strategy Service that will help you kick-start your journey to a Zero Trust environment and get ahead of the security vulnerability curve. Our Cisco CX advisory and strategy experts will work with you to create a Zero Trust plan customized to your unique network and operational needs. Our expertise will help you put a high-level, multi-year Zero Trust Roadmap in place with security components that dynamically adjust and verify trust over time to address new levels of risk.

Many enterprise security offerings focus on only one component of your network ecosystem. With Cisco CX, we help you operationalize Zero Trust, transforming it from concept to a comprehensive and functioning framework across your entire multi-domain environment. Cisco’s Zero Trust Approach encompasses people, devices, applications, and connections, with a focus on driving and controlling change, enhancing security, and improving efficiency.

Your CX Zero Trust Strategy will allow for seamless third-party integrations to improve utilization of your deployed security products, and gain maximum value from your current and future product investments. Our Zero Trust ecosystem extends trust to technology, security partnerships, and other Cisco Security offerings to enhance visibility, policy enforcement, automation, and reduce the attack surface across your entire IT ecosystem.

We’ll also help you and your key stakeholders understand Zero Trust in relation to your organization, identify your current security posture, and centralize where the greatest need is for an evolved trust model. CX will propose immediate tactical options that help drive higher value, lower investment, and deliver quicker deployments.

What Is the Cisco Zero Trust IT Ecosystem?

Many times over, we have heard business leaders agonize over managing cybersecurity risk and shielding their organizations from attacks. To proactively address these cyber threats, organizations need to continuously monitor potential cyber risks and develop strategies on a continual basis. Response strategies must be integrated within the organization’s business continuity program, so in the case of an event, the organization can respond with a well-coordinated plan for business resiliency.

Complexity Creates Vulnerability

Cisco’s Zero Trust Approach establishes and verifies trust for every network access request regardless of who or where it comes from, inside or outside the network. With this method, trust isn’t fixed. It evolves with your business. These elements combine to:

  • Help you prevent unauthorized access, contain breaches, and reduce the risk of an attacker’s lateral movement through your network.
  • Improve your security posture and enforce policy-based controls with a single vision.
  • Build stronger passive defenses to control threats once they break your perimeter.
  • Increase operational efficacy of your network and security operations center (SOC) by restricting the threat landscape and reducing white noise.

At this point, you might be wondering, “If I need to start with Zero Trust, does that mean I must start from zero with my security solutions?” No. You can use many of the tools you currently have, with the resources you already maintain to improve your security posture in a logical, scalable way to ensure you’re better protected from current and future attacks. Our consultants also take a capabilities-orientated approach, temporarily taking vendors out of the equation to focus on needs and the most efficient and effective way to meet them.

Protect Your Investments and Get More from Your Network Assets 

With the right Zero Trust Strategy framework in place, you’ll have a resilient security posture that protects your business, no matter the uncertainties. Contact CX today to accelerate your Zero Trust Strategy journey.

Enable and protect powerful and productive business continuity with the right Cisco Security experts.



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