Cisco Live starts in just a few weeks, running June 2-6 in Las Vegas, NV. This year’s theme is Go Beyond, and the Cisco Customer Experience (CX) team can help you do just that with the sessions, demos, and lightning talks we have planned for this year.

Have you mapped out your schedule for Cisco Live yet? I’m sure you want to learn about human and AI-driven services, plus more about achieving measurable business outcomes, so read on and add these sessions to your Cisco Live schedule.


Here are sessions you will want to add to your schedule for Cisco Live in Las Vegas:

Reshaping Networking and Security to Fortify Your Digital Future

Discover how Cisco Customer Experience combines networking and security with data-driven insights and intelligent automation to provide a more standardized and scalable infrastructure. (PSOCX-1013 Cisco Theater, Monday, June 3, 11:30 AM PT)

Partner-Fueled Customer Success

Cisco partners are pivotal in creating outstanding customer engagements through innovative strategies and cutting-edge solutions. Learn from success stories that demonstrate accelerated value from Cisco’s offerings and see how the latest services, platforms, and automation drive customer loyalty and operational efficiency. (PSOCX-1014 Cisco Theater, Monday, June 3, 2:30 PM PT)

Accelerating AI-Ready Infrastructures and Execution Strategies

Learn how our AI strategy prepares you to accelerate your infrastructure transformation and AI adoption journey with Harry Caldwell, SVP & General Manager, Customer Experience, and Carlos Pereira, Fellow & Chief Architect in the Centerstage Theater. (CENCX-1004 Centerstage Theater, Tues June 4, 2:00 PM PT)

AI and Automation: Supercharge Business Outcomes to Go Beyond

Harness the transformative power of AI with the efficiency of automation to overcome new IT challenges and accelerate your pathway to operational excellence and beyond. (PSOCX-1011 Cisco Theater, Tues June 4, 10:30 AM PT)

Accelerate Your Transformation for an AI-Driven Era

Discover key strategies for creating an agile, resilient, efficient infrastructure, and beyond, including assessing requirements, prioritizing security and compliance, leveraging automation, and investing in the right skills to accelerate your transformation journey and equip your infrastructure for an AI-driven era.​ (PSOCX-1012 Cisco Theater, Tuesday, June 4, 3:30 PM PT)

Reimagining IT Operations with Gen AI

Learn how CX is using transformative capabilities of Gen AI, automation, and digital to boost self-service efficiencies and elevate your customer experience by enabling speedy problem resolution and proactive IT operations management. (PSOCX-1016 Cisco Theater, Wednesday, June 5, 12:00 PM PT)

Overcoming Complexity with Partners, AI and Automation

Learn how Cisco Customer Experience’s partner ecosystem leverages AI, Success Tracks, APIs, and Partner Advanced Support to build a successful automation strategy that delivers both technical and business outcomes. (PSOCX-1017 Cisco Theater, Wednesday, June 5, 2:30 PM PT)

Transforming Your Infrastructure for a Sustainable Future

Learn how Cisco Customer Experience and our partners can help you demonstrate and realize the value of a comprehensive sustainability strategy that lowers costs, reduces emissions, and enhances resource efficiency. (PSOCX-1012 Cisco Theater, Thursday, June 6, 12:30 PM PT)

Be sure to review the full schedule of Customer Experience sessions for Cisco Live 2024 and add them to your itinerary today.

Cisco Customer Experience Booth

If you will be in Las Vegas for Cisco Live this year, stop by the Cisco Customer Experience booth in the World of Solutions. With a dozen Cisco Customer Experience demos available to you at this year’s event, let’s get you ready to explore and start accelerating your business outcomes:

AI and Automation: Applied Intelligence for Simplified IT Management

Learn how AI and automation in services can help you reduce operational challenges and accelerate your IT services toward enabling business outcomes. Observe how these capabilities connect IT service disciplines, allow for faster & easier operation, and how to incorporate these capabilities into your infrastructure management.

Cisco Lifecycle Services: Future-Proof Your Infrastructure Solutions

Explore Cisco’s outcome-oriented service portfolio revolution and how it leverages automation and machine learning to drive business outcomes faster alongside partners. See how we help reduce risk, optimize productivity, and navigate change that enables your IT infrastructure to accelerate business priorities and deliver tangible, measurable results.

Success Tracks/CX Cloud: Maximize Your IT Investment Value

Improve operational efficiency and reduce risk with a 360-degree view of your network offering proactive digital insights; remove adoption roadblocks with expert best practices, and uplevel staff productivity and skills with learning resources delivered through Success Tracks, enabled by CX Cloud to maximize the value of your IT investments.

End-to-End Security Services: Prepare, Protect, and Respond to Threats Faster

Explore the wide range of CX Security services helping to strengthen your organization’s security resilience. From product-agnostic advisory, strategy, and security architecture-focused services to planning, design, and implementation of Cisco Security products – pre-defined or fully customized service solutions cover your complete services lifecycle.

TAC Innovations: Watch Support Get Faster With Automation

Get IT issues of any size resolved with greater speed, accuracy, and efficiency by automating complex data capture across your IT environment with RADKit; resolve problems on your own with relevant guidance from automated workflows; and more easily tap into self-service support with Cisco Support Assistant Extension on your browser.

Accelerated Value Realization: Driving Faster Outcomes With Customer Success  

Learn how to accelerate technology adoption, realize the value of your Cisco products faster, simplify product advancement through Cisco-validated best practices, and how and when to engage Cisco’s Customer Success Team.

Cisco Community

One of the most frequented Cisco digital properties is Cisco Community, which serves more than 1.4 million visitors every month and supports seven languages. Learn more about this trusted, online, peer-to-peer community and knowledge hub, where you have access to real-time answers and 24/7 advice.

Partner Hub: Learn How Partners Accelerate Business Outcomes

Visit the CX partner hub to learn how partners can enhance the customer experience with Cisco tools and platforms to accelerate business outcomes. Learn also how software adoption becomes the essential element in helping a customer get to their business outcomes.

Cisco Sustainability Services: Your Energy Efficiency Initiatives

Empower your sustainability journey with our latest CX offerings including Cisco Lifecycle Services – Energy Optimization Management for Data Center, Campus, and Assessment Advisory Services. No matter where you’re in your journey, our approach revolves around understanding the full spectrum of expectations and creating a tailored catalog of service solutions.

Other Demos in the World of Solutions

You can also find Cisco Customer Experience demos in the Cisco Showcase and the Cisco AI Hub:

  • Cisco Customer Experience: Faster Path to Maximizing IT Value – learn how Cisco CX leads the way to help our customers realize business outcomes faster at every step of the lifecycle. (Cisco Showcase)
  • Cisco Customer Experience: Your partners in sustainability – discover how Cisco Customer Experiences can partner with you on your sustainability initiatives. (Cisco Showcase)
  • Cisco Customer Experience: AI-Driven Services Innovations – experience the power of AI with Cisco’s cutting-edge support and network operations demos, see how Gen AI simplifies operations and resolves issues faster with AI-enhanced troubleshooting, test & validation, and configuration management. (Cisco AI Hub)

Located in the Cisco Customer Experience Booth Theater, we’ll be presenting more than 40 Lightning Talk sessions on 17 different topics including AI, Automation, Cisco Lifecycle Services, Security, Success Tracks, CX Cloud, TAC Automation, Customer Success, Sustainability, and customer use cases.

We have so much valuable information and content we want to share with you this year at Cisco Live in Las Vegas. I hope you’re looking forward to it. I know our CX team is!

Keep an eye on our blog site in the coming weeks – it’ll always have the most up-to-date information.

In the meantime, feel free to leave me a comment or a question below, and stay tuned for more info coming your way as we get close to the start of Cisco Live on June 2. See you in Las Vegas!


James Turrell

Head of CX Marketing and Communications

Customer Experience