If you’ve been a long-time customer of Cisco, you’re accustomed to an upgrade cycle driven by Cisco’s End of Life (EOL) and Last Day of Support or (LDOS) policy on Cisco equipment. By installing new Cisco networking equipment, you typically get new features, more capacity within a smaller footprint, faster speeds, and new service contracts to make sure everything is covered to ensure business continuity.

We know how exciting it is to upgrade new products, especially when we know that it may improve our productivity. Every time my smartphone is eligible for an upgrade, I enjoy the process of researching all my options, comparing features, talking to my early adopter friends, and then finally opening the box when I’ve made my purchase.

Cisco Extended Support available amidst supply chain issues

However, like most industries, Cisco is continuing to face supply chain issues that are inhibiting our ability to deliver new gear–meaning our customers are having to wait longer for the latest and greatest hardware and the associated software that goes with it.

We’ve taken a proactive approach that we believe will better support customers, support Cisco’s global sustainability efforts, and provide a solution to global supply chain delays. Given that many of our customers still have networks running Cisco gear that has reached the end of their lifecycle –even though it’s still serviceable—we have an offer to continue support and provide refurbished hardware that’s been thoroughly tested and ready to go within the same contractual timeframe.

This Cisco Extended Support gives you the same great support you’ve had on your current Cisco hardware for up to two years beyond its Last Day of Support (LDOS). And we have good news for you, we are offering a temporary 5% off list price, effective August 15th, 2022.1

With all the business challenges and shifts brought on by the pandemic, we understand that for some customers, completing that equipment upgrade just hasn’t been a priority. Perhaps you’re anxiously waiting for back-ordered products (and trust me, we’re anxiously waiting to be able to deliver these to you) or need more time to plan (and test) for an upcoming migration.

Watch how Cisco Extended Support can help you:

Whatever the reason, Cisco Extended Support has you covered. In addition to the same great Cisco TAC support that continues to evolve (like our Virtual Engineer that gives you results at the speed of lightning), you can still get RMA support with Extended Support.

So, if you have equipment that’s reached its last day of support and want to hang onto it for a while longer, don’t worry. Contact your Cisco account manager and they’ll be happy to get you set up with Extended Support, inclusive of the new price break.

1 The price break will be effective through January 28, 2023, and will be automatically applied to any service proposals created after August 15, 2022. For more information, contact your Cisco Account Manager.


Rajan Panchanathan

Vice President, Product Management

Customer Experience (CX)