We’ve come a long way since our in-person Cisco Live in 2019. Over this time, everything hasn’t always gone as expected, but one thing has become quite clear. Business as we know it will never be the same. Whether it’s how we consume entertainment, move applications or systems to the cloud, or immerse in hybrid work, everything has gone digital.

With this huge leap, Cisco is in a unique position to help you embrace digital. We have massive insights to help your organization shift from reaction mode to eliminating problems before they even begin. And we deliver these insights at scale to transform your experience, so it’s integrated and seamless.  

With our deep system intelligence and application performance insights, we’re also removing roadblocks, preempting risk, and up-leveling productivity so you can quickly achieve your business goals. Our digital obsession, supported by our lifecycle approach, is how you–our customers–will continue to innovate in a redefined and reimagined future. 

It Takes a ‘Lifecycle’ 

As part of our lifecycle approach, we employ simplification and automation, as well as a combined digital and human experience. The lifecycle helps evolve the digital experience and speeds time to value through automation. We’ve found our customers progress 39 percent faster when digitally engaged through the lifecycle.  

For example, with our automated diagnostics and analysis, customers drastically cut time to restoration. By comparison, a digital-based, virtual engineer can restore your network issue in 2.4 minutes, on average, compared to a human engineer requiring nearly six hours. 

At the heart of our analytics and insights are over 3.4 million customer networks and more than 18 years of experience managing customer complex environments. The result is unsurpassed AI-powered insights, which keep you ahead of risk and optimize your overall infrastructure’s health. 

We in Cisco Customer Experience (CX) are honored to partner with you on your transformative journey–and am proud of the innovation we’ve achieved over the previous two-plus years. And we’re just getting started. We’ll continue to simplify, automate, and leverage digital solutions to help solve your biggest challenges–today and in the future. 

Join Customer Experience at Cisco Live 

As we continue to adapt to our new world, CX will be with you every step of the lifecycle. We’ll bring together the best of virtual and human expertise to empower you–as well as our partners–wherever you are on your digital evolution. 

At Cisco Live, my colleagues and I will discuss more in our Innovation Session: “Win in a Hybrid World with Predictive Intelligence and Experiences.” We’ll also share our entire lifecycle story.

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Cisco Live 2022 keynote "Your Experience ReImagined"
Cisco Live 2022 keynote: Your Experience ReImagined

Don’t miss our complete Customer Experience lineup, including “Your Experience Reimagined,” our keynote address from SVP/GM of Global CX Thimaya Subaiya. 

It will be an incredible five days of in-person education, inspiration, and fun. You can also join virtually from anywhere in the world. I hope to see many of you live in Las Vegas. It will be great to catch up!  

Together, let’s embrace the possible. I’m ALL IN. Are you? 

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Alvio Barrios

Senior Vice President, Customer Experience

CX Future Technology & Investments