Having the right tools and solutions in place is only one part of the secure network equation. The security landscape is always changing and evolving at a rapid rate. Our customers face threats every day and need to respond to those threats at a moment’s notice. The pressure and demand to stay ahead of advanced threats has never been greater and securing your network is a continuous challenge. Security strategies are complex and having a partner to provide the right support and guidance along the way ensures you receive return on your product investment, while achieving your business outcomes.

At Cisco, we provide innovative Security products and Services that help our customers protect their network against advanced threats. However, it doesn’t just stop there.  We also focus on building longstanding partnerships with our customers to support their journey before, during and after they buy our products. BT (British Telecom) is a Cisco customer that understands this commitment and turned to Cisco to implement a comprehensive network security and visibility solution.

BT chose to center their security strategy around Cisco Stealthwatch to help them improve their approach to insider threat detection. In order to help BT maximize their Stealthwatch implementation and continue to evolve with the changing threat landscape, the Cisco Sales Organization and Customer Experience (CX) teams worked together, listening to each issue and challenge BT wanted to tackle, and provided them with the products and solutions they need and the continued support required in order to ensure long term success.

“[The customer] sees us as their partner and that we will be with them throughout the entire process. That’s from pre-sales all the way to implementation, design, planning strategy, and post-sale tuning and then the ongoing success of it.”

– Anne Woodley, Cyber Security Sales Specialist, Cisco

Transparency, reliability, proactiveness, and availability have all played an important part in Cisco’s relationship with BT. The Cisco Customer Experience Manager (CEM) worked closely with several teams within BT to ensure that each team was set up and aware of all of the capabilities and use cases that Stealthwatch can provide. By understanding BT’s technical infrastructure and processes, the CEM has become a trusted advisor to the customer and can effectively suggest support and next steps tailored to BT’s overall business needs.

“The relationship BT and Cisco have is much bigger than just selling and receiving products. The way that Cisco sit, listen, and understand some of the challenges that we face and work with us to look at how we can come up with solutions is massively important to our organization.”

– Dave Harcourt, Chief Security Advisor, BT

At Cisco, we strive to provide our customers with a seamless experience that lets them know, from the moment they begin their journey with us, we’ll be there with them to help them meet their goals. No matter how the security threat landscape changes and evolves in the years to come, Stealthwatch and the Cisco Customer Experience team will always be there for our customers, working side by side to be the bridge to a more secure digital future.

To learn more about how the Stealthwatch CX team worked with BT, check out the video below.




Ken O'Reilly

Director of Customer Experience