According to Chuck Robbins, “At Cisco you, our customers, are our number one priority. We can only be successful if we’ve helped you be successful.”

The customer experience has always been a top priority for Cisco. But over the last several quarters, Cisco Security has been hyper-focused on ensuring that our customers achieve consistent and exceptional outcomes throughout their entire journey with us. We are moving past “speeds and feeds” to deliver customer-driven business outcomes, including security efficacy, faster time to detection, and faster time to resolution. In fact, Cisco is blocking 3x as many threats for our customers as Google has searches, while delivering 99.9% efficacy, in its ability to identify and detect both known and unknown threats.

We recently had an opportunity to showcase these efforts to the more than 1,600 attendees at the Technology Services World (TSW) conference in Las Vegas. At TSW 2016, I had the pleasure of delivering a keynote, “Customer Outcomes – a Matter of Survival in Cyber Security!” that details how Cisco has made security our number one priority, as it is our customers’ number one priority to innovate and digitize securely.

The Cisco Security Approach to Customer Success

Now more than ever, increasingly complex network environments and an ever-evolving threat landscape necessitate a strong relationship between security vendors, channel partners and their customers. The amount of data available online today is exploding. Cyber criminals and new attack types such as ransomware are capitalizing on this unprecedented access to valuable information. Organizations have a strategic imperative to properly deploy and utilize their security solutions, otherwise the consequences could be dire.

Cisco Security already provides our customers with superior technology. We can detect new threats within 13 hours when the industry average is up to 200 days. We go to market with a security architecture comprised of best of breed products that are open, automated, and simple to use to deliver effective security.

Now, we are prioritizing the customer experience to ensure customers are not only getting superior technology, but also becoming more secure. We are delivering the right mix of products, services, training, and support needed to help customers achieve their business outcomes and enhance their threat defense strategies every step of the way. It is these types of collaborative efforts that will ultimately enable the security industry to succeed against our highly organized and skilled adversaries.

It Goes Beyond Security

Cisco’s dedication to customers goes beyond just the security team. In addition to my keynote, Cisco also presented a whopping seven other sessions at TSW 2016. The sessions were focused on everything from optimizing service operations, to embracing digitization for service delivery, to best practices gleaned from the Cisco WebEx team’s customer success approach.

Additionally, Cisco was recognized as a finalist for the coveted 2016 TSIA STAR Award in seven of the 12 award categories. Now in its 26th year, the TSIA STAR Award is one of the highest honors in the technology services industry. A recipient of the TSIA Hall of Fame Lifetime Achievement Award, Cisco is the only organization to have achieved more than 30 individual STAR Awards since the inception of the Awards in 1990. Congratulations to each of these teams on being named a finalist in your respective categories. The bottom line is, Cisco customers, we have your back! And we continue to innovate to find the right balance of support that will allow you to protect your network, increase efficacy, and accelerate your time to value for Cisco solutions.

We firmly believe in customer success, and we believe that with customer success, it’s game over hackers! Watch the keynote “Customer Outcomes – a Matter of Survival in Cyber Security!” and learn how Cisco is prioritizing Customer Success.


Elisabeth Zornes

VP Strategy and Business Operations

Security Business Group