More Cloud Deployment Options for Secure Firewall Customers

Cisco Secure is a Nutanix Elevate Technical Alliances partner and is excited to have earned the 2021 Nutanix Technology Alliances New Partner of the Year award. This award recognizes the commitment of Cisco Secure and Nutanix to support the growing number of joint customers protecting Nutanix’s Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI) with Cisco Secure Firewall.

Photo of "Nutanix Technology Alliances New Partner of the Year 2021" award earned by Cisco Security
2021 Nutanix Technology Alliances New Partner of the Year, awarded to Cisco Secure

Earlier this year, our product teams worked closely to validate Secure Firewall Threat Defense Virtual 7.0 on the Nutanix hypervisor – AHV, empowering Nutanix’s HCI customers to secure their environment with the most comprehensive security platform. Customers now have more deployment options and can centrally manage a single firewall technology for on-premises and Nutanix private cloud infrastructure. Read our blog on the Secure Firewall Threat Defense Virtual integration with Nutanix AHV here.

With Cisco and Nutanix, customers now enjoy the following benefits:

  • Extending Layer 3, Layer 4, and Layer 7 protection to your Nutanix private and public clouds
  • Enforcing policies East to West in the data center with Secure Firewall Threat Defense Virtual’s full-stack policy enforcement and intrusion prevention capabilities
  • Implementing consistent security policies including application control, user access, deep visibility, and network across to different parts of the environments
  • Supporting multiple configuration modes:
    • Passive
    • Routed HA
    • Routed Standalone

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Our thanks to Doug Hurd, Leader of the Cisco Secure Technical Alliance and ecosystem manager for Cisco Secure Firewall, for his vision and leadership that made this integration possible. Also, to the Cisco Secure Firewall Product Management and Engineering Teams. And, especially to our partners at Nutanix.


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Jessica Bair

Director, Cisco Secure Strategic Alliances

Advanced Threat Solutions