Your network infrastructure stack is like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Some people prefer only peanut butter, some only jelly, but most people prefer a little bit of both. In today’s multi-cloud and application environments, most would say they prefer a hybrid cloud infrastructure, the perfect balance of resources in public and private cloud, giving your organization the freedom to choose where and how you deploy your applications and resources.

If you are given the freedom to choose your cloud environment, it’s only right that you have the power to protect it. Today, Cisco is giving you that power by expanding the support of Cisco Secure Firewall Threat Defense Virtual (formerly FTDv/NGFWv) to Nutanix AHV.

If you are running Nutanix AHV in your environment, Secure Firewall Threat Defense Virtual reduces the amount of time needed to manage security, bringing the most comprehensive platform approach to your security stack. Cisco delivers world-class security controls, consistent policy and visibility as well as rapid detection and protection against known and emerging threats. Our firewall threat intelligence is updated daily with feeds from one of the world’s largest and most sophisticated threat intelligence teams, Cisco Talos.

If you are already taking advantage of Secure Firewall Threat Defense Virtual, you can now run your appliance in Nutanix AHV. This allows you to augment security policy using Nutanix Flow policy in addition to Secure Firewall Threat Defense Virtual’s network layer security capabilities. This integration enables your organization to protect and secure applications inside of your data center, public and private clouds. Additionally, you can enforce policies for safeguarding against East-West traffic intrusions.

If you are new to Cisco, and are currently standing up a Nutanix AHV environment, why not secure it with the most comprehensive security platform? Your Secure Firewall license entitles you to Cisco SecureX, our open security platform that accelerates security investigations.

Support is available now, running on version FTD 7.0.

Share your cloud strategy preference in comments below (or how you prefer your PB&J sandwich).

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Christopher Consolo

Product Marketing Manager

Cisco Security