Infrastructure as a Code (IaC) and Automation are now common requests from our customers deploying Cisco Secure Firewalls. This is accelerated with a rapid development of software applications in multi-cloud environments. Our response to this trend is making Cisco Secure Firewall deployable as a code utilizing new IaC templates, which we are happy to announce!

To implement IaC, customers require highly skilled engineers generating time-consuming & costly automation scripts. More compelling alternative is to utilize prebuild and validated templates to ease the efforts.


Over the past year, various Cisco teams got together to deliver ready-to-use templates, enabling IaC deployments. Each template includes a detailed ReadMe file to guide the deployment.

Newly build templates address both private and public cloud environments: AWS, Azure, OCI, GCP, VMware, etc. and most prevalent tools: Ansible, Terraform, CloudFormation, ARM, etc.


If you are interested in IaC or want more information, documentation, and video demonstrations, please check out Developer.Cisco.com/secure-firewall, the Cisco Secure Firewall – YouTube Channel, and our Secure-Firewall GitHub Repository to access our additional resources.

To learn more: Virtual Firewalls for Public Cloud

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Rado Pavelko

Security Technical Marketing Manager

Security - CNS Group