People are quick to adopt and embrace things that make their lives easier and better.  They will talk to Google and Alexa and connect them to their homes to control lighting, temperature, music, etc. They consider it normal that cars now assist them while they are on the road and even take control to keep them safe when needed. And they love it when Spotify, Deezer or Apple Music surprise them with a new track that matches their taste perfectly.

So, what do these developments have in common? They all ingest data, crunch the data, respond, and validate the outcome. They all learn to provide the best response to any situation. Instantly.

My kids know (I told them) learning takes time, the sooner you start, the sooner you will benefit.

Which is why leading retailers are building self-learning stores and store processes. They teach their stores to identify their shoppers as they enter. Did you know some retailers already have over 50 data points on each customer that walks in?

Yes, it will be hard to surprise shoppers these days, however there is great opportunity here to improve and create a differentiating, personalized store experience. Think of it as a ‘Spotify-like’ experience for shopping’. What if a store would actually ‘talk back to you’, help you, and maybe even inspire you?

If a store could sense, analyze, and respond it would feel like it is alive, like it had a brain and a nervous system.

retail innovation store

So how come consumers can bring their ‘digital cribs’ to live, yet most stores hardly have any automated process, let alone have the ability to respond to changes?

It is time you give your stores what they need: a nervous system, with cameras as their eyes, wifi as ears, connected to the Cloud as their brain and Edge Compute for their reflexes to deliver a ‘Spotify-like’ experience. Whenever customers walk in, your store should have the ability to automatically provide the response your customers are looking for.

Your store can help you create the ‘perfect shelf’, because it has learned what your customers have been looking for. Your store will notice when a customer walks in, see if an aisle is obstructed, why a customer slipped and tell a member of staff when a customer needs help. Now your store is as programmable as your ‘digital home’.

Only a couple of weeks ago we taught our cameras to see if people were wearing their face mask. Something we had not even thought about half a year ago.

What your stores need is a ‘subscription on innovation’, and that is what we offer. Tune into this webinar for a deeper dive on unlocking this potential for you, your stores, and your customers.

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