The key to retail success is understanding the shopping journey, and video can play an important part in that process. Sandra Acham talked to me this week as she wrote a blog about how video supports a comprehensive approach to understanding customer behavior (read the blog).

The thing is that today’s retail customers don’t think in terms of buying in the store vs. buying online vs. buying at a trade show, for example. Customers buy whenever, wherever, and however they want. What we call omnichannel (or unified commerce), it’s all just shopping to them.

To make sure you offer a complete experience across your channels, you need to create a series of positive interactions that are consistent, integrated, and compelling. Video and mobile tools help you to build that relationship with your shoppers, bringing them back to you in the store, on the website, and through the contact centers. Read the blog.


Dianne Lamendola

Senior Practice Advisor