Retailers and consumers alike have been prioritizing convenience in so many ways. For the consumer, the reasoning is a little more obvious. We all want to shop with brands that offer contactless payment and drive-by pickup, because that means less time searching inside stores. (And, less exposure to other people). From the retailers’ perspective, convenience drives a number of key decisions. The right infrastructure enabling digital capabilities, for example, saves a retailer money and time when it comes to managing their network. Mobile solutions to check inventory, process refunds, and monitor social density allow retailers to keep up with the competition. And streamlined operations aside, we can all agree that less IT fire drills is a win all around.

conversations and coffee retail podcast

Especially as business resiliency becomes so top of mind, retailers are looking to bring the most effective innovation into their own environments. The best practices and industry insights here sparked our newest podcast, called “Conversations and Coffee.” Join us as we speak with Business Development Manager Bill Farnsworth about what’s driving change for retailers today.

For more information about Cisco’s mobile solutions for retail, check out our new Tale of Two Retailers infographic.


Nicki Vereschagin

Global Retail Marketing Content Strategist

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