Have you tried Cisco DNA Center?  We recently sat down with Cisco’s JP Vasseur, 20 year veteran of Cisco and the guy driving our Machine Learning & AI team to talk through what’s new in this episode of Cisco Champion Radio [<– Click on the magic link to hear!].  Cisco Champs Pieter-Jan and Josh get deep with JP about how Cisco DNA Center does Machine Learning, some examples of where you’d want ML (you know, so you only have to worry about the critical alerts), and dive into anomaly detection and training your systems.  It is some really cool stuff.

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Your Cisco Champion hosts are:
Pieter-Jan Nefkens (@pjnef), Cisco Champion member, Consultant, Nefkens Advies.
Josh Warcop (@warcop), Cisco Champion member, Solutions Architect, iVision.

Cisco Guest:
JP Vasseur (@jpvasseur), Distinguished Engineer.

Brett Shore (@brettshore), Cisco Product Marketing Team.

Discussion Topics:

  • The various models for processing of the machine learning data
  • How traffic is anonymized
  • AI/ML use case
  • Why we use machine learning
  • How Cisco DNA comes into play with AI/ML
  • The UX experience

Let me know your thoughts below: Have you tried Cisco DNA Center or do you have other questions on Cisco DNA Center?  Do you have another topic you’d like to see covered on Cisco Champion Radio!


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