“We (Real Madrid), with our experience & ideas on how to grow in the sports and entertainment world, and you (Cisco) with your technology, innovation and revenue models… our collaboration, has always resulted in a win- win relationship…and, a proven reference in the world” – Enrique Uriel, CIO, Real Madrid

Eight years ago we embarked on a relationship with Real Madrid to collaborate in transforming the Santiago Bernabeu stadium into the “Ultimate Bernabeu,” which would deliver a fan experience unlike any other. Our first goal was to build a network that would make the stadium the safest, and most secure in the world.

That goal was closely followed by the next phase, which was to support the need for more “things” being connected to the network in the stadium – broadcasting companies, sponsors,  ticketing, hundreds of partners and VIP’s such as the Royal family!  The most recent goal, embarked upon three years ago, was to address the continually evolving need for fans and members to connect with the Club through technology.  Together we innovated, designed, and transformed the fan experience through key Cisco solutions – StadiumVision, Connected Stadium Wi-Fi , and StadiumVision Mobile – to enable the most interactive “live” experience in the world.

I have been working with Enrique and his team to make some key decisions that align back to his vision of how technological innovation can transform not only the fan experience, but also drive new business models that deliver new revenue streams.  More and more, it’s not just excellence in IT, it’s about thinking outside the box, reinventing yourself and your products to maintain a leadership position in the market.

Partnerships have been, and will continue to be, vital to Cisco’s growth.  Our goal is to help shape how our customers can use technology to create new business opportunities and the many ways to connect with fans via video, data and more. As Cisco CEO John Chambers recently said, “Together, we can innovate in a way that no one else can.”

I have been very fortunate to work with top brands and partners around the world in building key relationships. These have fueled innovation, and have also confirmed our position as a trusted advisor who can deliver not only the latest products and solutions in mobility, video and content, but also in how we “Go to Market” around the world as a company, build new business models to grow revenue, and most importantly to deliver what the fans want.

Real Madrid is the perfect showcase of how Cisco is working hand in hand with the biggest and brightest teams and venues around the world to transform the fan experience. For us, it’s about pushing the envelope in this industry, connecting the unconnected, and creating win-win relationships with our customers in more than 35 countries today, and growing.

I invite you to spend just a few minutes to get to know Enrique, his vision and how “Partnering for Success” is part of his DNA.


Anabelle Pinto

Worldwide Director, Consumer Market Management