I’m excited to join everyone again at Partner Summit on November 4-6 in Las Vegas. That’s next week! This year, we’re all going right to the edge, your edge that is. Our theme for Cisco Partner Summit 2019 is Own your Edge. What exactly does that mean for you? Well here’s a bit of a preview for you as a Cisco partner meeting with us in Las Vegas next week.

Your edge makes you stand out.

What do I mean when I say your ‘edge’? We’re talking about your unique mix of expertise in a technology, industry, or market. Maybe you specialize in networks for hospitals, universities, restaurants, or theme parks. Or you’re up to speed on the ins and outs of privacy regulations in Spain.

Whatever your speciality, that something extra you bring to the table, the secret sauce that sets your business apart, your intellectual prowess—that’s your edge. It’s why your customers choose you, and it’s why we want to work with you to add extra value on top of our offerings. The bottom line: we want to help you own your edge, accelerate growth and expand your impact.

Your edge is what customers are after.

In today’s market, your edge has never been more important. Because everything around us is changing, and it’s changing fast. That is where the real transformation takes place, and where our customers’ needs are met.

As a former partner and Cisco salesperson, I know firsthand that our customers are facing more complexity and disruption than ever before. So, customers are eager for partners to help them keep up their day to day, while also future-proofing for what’s to come. They want someone who knows exactly what they face, right where they are. Someone to help them navigate the nuances.

You can extend your edge with Cisco.

Join me next week to talk more about how to find—and own—your edge. When we bring our collective capabilities together, we create even more opportunities to provide solutions for our customers that no one else can replicate.

If you won’t be joining us in person in Vegas, you still have time to register for Virtual Partner Summit – Register now. It really only takes a moment to register and you’ll have streaming access to the general sessions each day, along with access to recorded material after the event.

See you on the edge.



Oliver Tuszik


Cisco EMEA