It’s no secret—program enrollment can be complex; our goal is ultimately to make a positive impact by simplifying and improving our partners’ experience when engaging with our program portfolio. We do this by listening.

We listen to our partners’ feedback through the Voice of the Partner, Partner Summit, and in candid conversations. One thing that came through loud and clear was the complexity around our program enrollment process—too many, too frequent, too much time. So, we decided to do something about it.

In January 2019, we introduced the Channel Program Incentive Agreement—a “one and done” enrollment process that allows our partners to enroll once, and never again if they remain in good standing with Cisco. Not only that, but with the auto-enrollment functionality, partners never have to wonder about their eligibility. When they sign the Agreement, they are automatically enrolled into all programs they are eligible for, covered by the Agreement (see diagram).

“Great that you introduced the one-time program registration approach this QTR.  Best thing in a long time.  As a partner with 6 locations in countries, with all the available programs, this was 60+ approvals I received with 6 “one-time” application.”
– Reseller Partner, UK

This saves our partners time and allows them to benefit from programs they may not have realized they were eligible for. Since its launch, the Channel Program Incentive Agreement has been a resounding success with over 13,000 partners already successfully enrolled!

But, there are some partners who have yet to take this step towards reducing administrative tasks – and we don’t want anyone to miss out! Remember, beginning July 28, the only way to access these programs is to enroll in the Channel Program Incentive Agreement via the Partner Program Enrollment tool.

So, if you are participating in one of the incentive programs included above and have not enrolled in the Agreement, enroll by July 27.  It takes less than five minutes. Take the next step to secure program benefits and reap the rewards– what’s not to like?

Learn more at www.cisco.com/go/incentiveagreement.


Sandra Flinders

Senior Director

Global Partner Programs