This is the first blog in a three-part series.

When we launched SecureX, we were confident it would redefine security and transform the way we work with our partners and customers. Now, we’re seeing that happen firsthand. I recently had the chance to catch up with Simon Islin, the Security Partner/Channel Sales Leader in APJC, and he had some great insights to share on Outcomex in Australia. They’ve been particularly successful at tapping into the power of SecureX, and their approach is worth considering.

You may know that this year Outcomex won both the Cisco Global Innovation Challenge and APJC Security Technology Excellence Partner of the Year award. This partner has been at the forefront of innovation around Cisco’s Security portfolio, working hand-in-hand with us on several high-profile initiatives. It’s this innovative mindset that helped Outcomex become an early adopter and activator of SecureX.

Reflecting on their success, it’s clear they are doing three key things:

  1. Leaning in. This partner dove headfirst into learning the SecureX platform. They built it into their labs, played with it and quickly activated a campaign against it – before our enablement even started. Even before then, they had deployed Cisco Threat Response (CTR) – now SecureX Threat Response – for many customers, so there wasn’t much of a learning curve. If you have any experience with CTR, pivoting to SecureX is seamless.
  2. Learning the value. Outcomex quickly saw that the value was how the SecureX platform stitches together the various components in a portfolio to create a unified viewpoint. This perspective can help customers gravitate towards a far more mature posture. SecureX enables security teams to focus on more forward-thinking initiatives versus basic responsibilities, helping grow a business instead of simply keeping it running. As Outcomex’s Managing Director, Michael van Zoggel says, “We aim to keep on the forefront and advise customers – SecureX allows us to do that. It creates stickiness.” SecureX helps partners understand how customers’ systems are running and provide insights on how to get the posture as efficient and effective as possible.
  3. Leveraging insights as conversation starters. Michael further states “SecureX helps us show customers where they need to tune their investments. It creates opportunity for great ongoing conversation where you can continue to add more capabilities and help customers advance their security maturity. It sets you up on a good cadence.”

When our partners succeed with SecureX, so do customers. For example, one Outcomex customer in the travel industry, whose business was impacted by COVID-19, was looking for a solution to improve visibility into their security estate and set up monitoring and operations function. Outcomex integrated all their security investments into SecureX enabling them to monitor, threat hunt and start their automation journey – all without any significant investment.

Need another reason to consider SecureX? It’s also receiving industry accolades. SecureX was recently named a winner in the CRN Tech Innovator Awards for Security – Threat Intelligence/ Incident Response.

In an ever-changing and more challenging business environment, SecureX is helping APJC meet partner and customer needs.

Learn how you can leverage the power of the platform by visiting our SecureX Partner community page.



Frank Lento

Sr. Director, Global Security Sales, Partnerships & Ecosystems

Global Security Sales Organization