2021 CRN Top 100 Executives logoI often hear Oliver Tuszik say, “When our partners win, Cisco wins.” During the past 18 months, that is a constant that hasn’t wavered. While this era has been one of the most disruptive periods of my lifetime—and certainly the lifetimes of many of you—it has also proven to be a period that has showcased the resiliency, strength, agility, ingenuity, and compassion of Cisco’s partners. Truly, we’ve seen some incredible results and followed along with some groundbreaking stories.

So when we received the notification that Oliver had been named as one of CRN’s top executives of 2021 on their Top 25 Sales Leaders of 2021 list—along with Chuck Robbins on the Top 25 Most Influential Executives list, Gerri Elliott on the Top 25 IT Innovators list, Maria Martinez on the Top 25 IT Innovators list, and Jeetu Patel also on the Top 25 IT Innovators list—I was equally proud to be a part of Cisco’s Global Partner Sales team.

While on the surface this is a phenomenal individual accolade for the five mentioned Cisco leaders, it’s really about you. This recognition is about our partners, and all of the amazing things you accomplished during the past year.

You’ve increased your relevance by helping our customers embrace digital transformation, which has in turn helped them remain competitive in an environment unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

You’ve been agile and thought unconventionally, finding new ways to provide our customers with the technologies they need in order to return to some semblance of normal.

You’ve embraced the idea of hybrid work and are helping our customers navigate a completely new way of work, communication, and collaboration.

You’ve given back to your communities, often working side by side with Cisco to provide valuable services, technology, and infrastructure that have allowed people to stay connected or to get connected where they hadn’t been.

I am humbled and amazed every day by the amazing things Cisco partners are doing with our innovation and couldn’t be prouder to not only work alongside such amazing leaders, but also amazing partners. I am sure our executives appreciate the recognition from CRN, but the real honor lies with our partners. Because truly, the most challenging times have brought out the best in you, and that drives our success and profitability. I hope you will join me in congratulating these five executives recognized by CRN as some of the top channel executives of 2021.


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Luxy Thuraisingam

Head of Global Partner Marketing and Small and Medium Business