Keeping a Lookout for Patients

We like to say that technology is all about bringing people together. That can sound trite until you’re in the ER or operating room, and then the technology that connects your doctor to you could be a matter of life or death.

A large metropolitan trauma center asked our partner Dimension Data to give them eyes and ears all over their facility. So, if an ambulance arrived in the car park, or life-flight chopper landed on the helipad, they could act fast.

Dimension Data says…

Across the sprawling campus, their CCTV was outdated. Their emergency management system

was incapable of automatically notifying key responders. Personnel were close to literally being in the dark as to changing conditions and they had no means to find out what was happening across their vast campus.

The challenge was to tie all of the life-safety technologies together into a single system and securely connect all of these locations, some of which even had public roads cutting through them.

Our answer was to work with Cisco to create a secure network for both wired and wireless solutions. A network and product portfolio that tied everything into a single system. It controls their video and communications, their power and security – and reaches every inch of the campus and even uses the power of the sun to keep key assets running.

It was a giant success. Now they can communicate much more efficiently and effectively. It has

worked so well that the hospital staff are excited about what else they can do with it. We’re in talks over here to tag all of their equipment so they know where everything is. All the time. Essential if you want to treat patients as quickly as possible.

Thanks, Dimension Data!



Julie Colwell

Marketing Manager

Global Partner Marketing