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What Are Our Irish Partners Doing In Texas?

March 16, 2017 - 2 Comments

Making the Most of a Long Bus Ride

When you’re headquartered in Ireland, you have to export… says Paul Glynn, CEO of Davra Networks, an ISV and Cisco Velocity partner. And being part of the Cisco Partner Ecosystem has introduced them to other global partners so they can build solutions together. Recently, Davra helped Presidio do more than just offer wifi on school buses. They connected all the pieces of the Cisco network to the local school district, emergency services, fleet maintenance, and even an app for parents to check which bus their kids were on, and when to expect them. Smart and connected.

Davra says…

When we first met Presidio, they had a fleet of school buses with Cisco wifi routers. And a clever service to let the kids do their homework on long drives.

We specialize in connecting people to things. And in harnessing the data those things produce. So, the question we asked ourselves was: How can we make Presidio’s system even more useful?

We figured that since the buses were connected, we could do more than send data to the students. We could collect it. From the engine. The tires. The location. From the bus itself.

So, we directed all the data from the entire fleet back to our central management system – RuBAN – in a private Cisco data centre.

Presidio could then look at all the video footage and information to make sure the buses were safe and sound. And they could use the data to be more proactive, fixing problems and sending out mechanics before anything went wrong. No nasty surprises.

Thanks, Davra!

I’m sure those kids are doing their homework and not playing games or Snapchatting, right?

The story doesn’t stop there.


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  1. Great use of technology for long trips. If it were my students games would be the winner by a mile.

    • Mine too! I do know they’ve restricted the sites kids can access. So they’re not completely depending on self-discipline to get them to do homework.