In today’s digital economy, technology is changing by the second. But when security, connectivity, and automation are a business’ top priorities, it’s important for your IT team to be one step ahead, fully equipped with the knowledge, skillset, and tools needed to adapt to and overcome what’s on the horizon.

Cisco’s Solutions Readiness Engineering (SRE) provides a hands-on approach to developing technical enablement for teams — one that’s custom-built to suit partners’ needs. Whether they’re looking to deploy multiple architectures across various platforms, transform a traditional network into an SD-access fabric, or integrate 3rd party applications with Webex, partners can tap into the SRE Labs for immersive experiences with Cisco solutions.

Over the last few months, we have collaborated with several businesses as they sought to adopt critical technologies and pivot their businesses to cloud-delivered solutions. Read more about the real-world impact of what SRE Labs can do below! 

Enabling ROVE with the Cisco DNA Center

ROVE, a systems integrator and cloud solutions provider that services enterprise, commercial and public sector clients, was looking to effectively and efficiently deploy Cisco wireless and switching solutions through Cisco’s DNA Center for their customer — a regional healthcare company.

With the help of the SRE team, a session was developed to enable ROVE on how to leverage network monitoring data collected by Cisco DNA Center, and then convert it into actionable insights for the customer. With a tailored approach, the SRE demonstration engineers showed the ROVE engineering team how wireless access points could be mapped to a customer’s floor plan and easily set up location-based services, ultimately enabling ROVE to successfully support the opportunity with the health company.

“In partnership with our Cisco channel team, ROVE’s engineering resources were introduced to the Cisco SRE to get enabled on Cisco DNA Center,” said Rove’s Vice President, Technical Operations “As a result of this engagement, ROVE’s engineering resources were set up for success to guide our customers through their initial DNA Center deployment.”.

As ROVE continues to adapt to existing and future customers’ needs related to switch deployment through Cisco DNA Center and beyond, their training with SRE will enable their team to provide the best solution to customers with the utmost confidence.

Training the trainer with Vzure

One of our Digital Solutions Integrator (DSI) partners, Vzure, had won an opportunity to deploy services on the latest version of Cisco’s Nexus Dashboard POC. As the code was still very new, they reached out to SRE for a train-the-trainer session.

The SRE team collaborated with Vzure to deliver a customized approach to understanding Cisco’s Nexus Dashboard POC, further enabling Vzure’s engineering team to support their customer, a major medical center. The lab showcased how to implement and operate Cisco’s latest version of the Nexus Dashboard as well as provide ongoing day 2 operations for a customer environment.

“Cisco’s SRE got us up and running quickly,” said Vzure’s Director of Account Management. “Before the session with our team, we were at 25 percent readiness. The training was succinct, yet perfectly detailed. We are now ready to deliver a Cisco Nexus Dashboard POC, for a major medical center in the Southeast, with 100 percent confidence. The SRE team has really set us up to win!”

Ensuring our partners are equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to in turn deliver solutions to customers of all sizes is what drives us. Through the SRE labs, Vzure was able to fully understand Cisco’s Nexus Dashboard POC ahead of deployment, enabling them to deliver as confidently as possible.

Real-world impact

Within the SRE environment, partners have an opportunity to fine-tune their understanding of Cisco’s many solutions with the help of SRE’s best-in-class engineers. This provides a unique, live environment for Cisco engineers and partners to collaborate while exploring the latest technologies through real-world examples. This, in turn, provides a real-world impact for customers.

For additional resources and information on how to arrange an SRE Labs session, please contact your Cisco PAM or engineer.


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Seth Greenlaw

Senior Engineering Manager

Cisco Americas Partner Organization.