Successful businesses capitalize on opportunity presented by change. More specifically, our most successful partners – and most profitable – capitalize on the new opportunities digital and mobile transformation create by offering solutions that deliver the best outcomes for our customers.

It’s no secret that demand from end-users is the engine driving transformation in the technology world today.  Our partners are critical to both Cisco and customer success in this era.

By now, we hope you’ve heard about our APO go-to-market strategy for Cisco and partners under my 3 E’s – Engagement, Enablement & Evolution. A central piece of evolution, is our partnership with Apple and the enormous opportunity partners now have in the digital enterprise and mobile workplace.

Early Adopter WWT, Cisco and Apple

Cisco partner, World Wide Technology (WWT) based out of St. Louis, is investing heavily in the opportunity Cisco and Apple bring for businesses. As early adopters and an Apple mobility partner, WWT Asynchrony Labs will be leveraging their mobile app development expertise to build transformational business solutions, exclusively for iPhone and iPad.

In a recent blog post from WWT, Asynchrony Labs co-founder, Bob Elfanbaum, summed up their approach:

“Our innovative approach includes integrating Cisco technologies to build iOS apps with native video chat, voice and messaging; apps that offer easy-to-use interfaces with corporate databases; and customized apps that streamline workflows from business-to-business and business-to-consumer.”

Read Bob’s entire blog post for more details on what they have planned to help transform the workplace for their customers with Cisco and iOS.

How Can Cisco Partners Benefit Today?

The partnership’s first set of innovations involves three separate features that build upon each other:

  • Optimizing Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Prioritizing business apps (Fast lane)
  • Integrating voice and enabling collaboration with iOS and Cisco Spark

A Cisco IT team recently measured the improvements in a real world environment using Cisco Spark. The required software upgrade took approximately 30 minutes.  The result: an 83% productivity improvement.  Read more about the dramatic results.




With joint Cisco and iOS solutions, you can lead the mobile enterprise conversation with customers, expand your current business relationships with apps and software, and uncover new customers.


To get started, catch the replay of Apple and Cisco Virtual Partner Workshop Series and tap into the wealth of selling materials on the Apple and Cisco Sales Hub on SalesConnect.

As always, for any questions or for more on how to take advantage of the Apple and Cisco partnership, reach out to your Cisco Partner Account Manager today.

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Rick Snyder

Senior Vice President

Americas Partner Organization