If you saw Marc Monday’s blog, Going Big with Small, you’ll know why we at Cisco are dialing up our commitment to the small business segment and why partners are so important to helping small business customers be successful. In his blog, Marc talked about three things partners should know, but here’s a fourth: We have an awesome new program to invest in partners who have a dedicated practice that serves Small and Mid-Size customers.

The program is called Perform Plus, and it rewards you most when you grow your business in the Mid-size and Small market segments where there is a lot of opportunity. You are rewarded on any and all growth year-over-year—across all products and customer sectors worldwide—so there’s no target set by Cisco. Then there’s an extra bonus for growth in Mid-size and Small. So we’re essentially paying you twice. There’s also a cross-architecture bonus for growth in combined Enterprise Networking and Security solutions.

The higher your growth, the higher the bonus rate climbs. Grow more, earn more. It’s that simple. Speaking of simple, if you have completed the Cisco Partner Incentive Agreement, then, as part of our one-time enrollment process, you will automatically receive any Perform Plus rewards you earn.

Perform Plus is coming in Cisco’s Q3 FY20. At that time, we will also sunset our Partner Plus and Growth Incentive Pilot programs.

Current partners can learn more on SalesConnect.


Marc Surplus

Vice President, Partner Strategy & Programs

Global Partner Sales