BUSCIT.  What’s that, you ask? That’s how my friend spells biscuit. She can’t spell. Not a lick. However, she is brilliant. That feels like a contradiction, but she is one of the most strategic thinkers I know – she’s ahead of the curve, intuitive. She sees trends where I see… well, you get the point. The other thing that makes her so smart is that she not only understands what her strengths are, but she also knows her weaknesses. Even in the age of spell check and auto correct, she sends me almost all her written communication to edit. I, as an English major, am a great speller. So, she needs me to complement her strengths in order to deliver a more successful message.

The same can be said for our partners  – not the spelling part, of course. Rather, our most successful partners understand the power of “We.” They have built phenomenal reputations around the world differentiating themselves in the market by being innovative, leading in their respective fields of choice. What makes them almost unbeatable is their partnering with Cisco, understanding that we are a leader in the industry and that our knowledge of our products cannot be matched.

Solution Support for Collaboration

The best example of this can be found with our new Solution Support Service for Collaboration. Today’s customers are expecting more from their collaboration investments. When using technologies that are critical to business success, many customers want solution-level expertise, proactive technical assistance and direct access to Cisco experts to help them fully utilize their solution purchase. Cisco offers Support Services for Collaboration, providing a consistent experience, irrespective of the collaboration products in the solution, whether it is deployed on-premises, in the cloud or a hybrid model, or how the licensing purchase has been structured. Customers can now choose the support level that is right for their business needs.

When partners leverage Solution Support for Collaboration, they are now able to position their services, driving a lifecycle-first approach. It’s a win-win-win. With the power of “We,” the partner and Cisco can deliver a complete solution for the customer, providing a dynamic customer experience overall.

Yep, my friend still can’t spell. But obviously that has not held her back from being incredibly successful. It’s our partnership that makes us a powerful force. Taking advantage of what Cisco does best allows you to be the best at what you do. I bet you a biscuit that your customers will be more successful for it.

For questions or to learn more about Cisco Support Services for Collaboration, email us at: ask_cx_partners@cisco.com

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Wendy Davis

Business Development Manager

IoT, SPT, and CX BEs Partner GTM