Energy helps power the work we do, the food we eat and the homes we live in. If it stops, our lives stop, too. As one of Brazil’s largest energy providers, Neoenergia knows this all too well. More than 11 million people depend on them for power without pause.

It’s a big job—one that comes with its share of complications. In the past, Neoenergia had no easy way to keep an eye on potential outages. And fixing each issue took a lot of time, people and energy. They needed a better way to stay on top of their network and respond more quickly, because people rely on them every second of every day.

Dimension Data says…

At Dimension Data, we were ready to help Neoenergia harness the power of IoT tech and change the way they deliver energy.

We knew they needed better visibility across their systems, so we brought in Cisco solutions and equipment to help them get connected. First, we set up an IoT network that lets them monitor their power distribution system. Then, we connected every piece of their equipment—from power meters to handling units.

Now that Neoenergia is always in the loop, they can get ahead of any issues—before they affect customers’ lives. They get live information and updates from a full IP network and physical hardware, like routers, switches, and cameras. So, if a tree falls on a line or a transformer is reaching its limit, they know about it. Because everything’s connected, they can find and fix many problems right from their offices, which makes maintenance easier and outages rarer.

Before we upgraded Neoenergia’s network, they sent around five dispatches a month to swap out faulty equipment. During the last seven months? They sent only one.

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