News flash.

We had some big news recently. You’ve probably seen it. The launch of The Network. Intuitive. A new era of networking is here. One that is constantly learning, adapting, and protecting. One that evolves with business demands.

That’s great, right? But what does it mean to your marketing practice?

Well for starters, it’s an opportunity. We’re rebuilding the network from the ground up. Now it helps you make decisions faster, mitigate security threats, and manage connected devices and services easily.

Most of today’s networks can’t handle the digital demand of the future. It was time to reinvent networking. And it’s time to change our marketing to match.

Your marketing. Successful.

Is your marketing working for you now? Will the same approach work next year? In three years? Experts predict major shifts in how to capture mind and wallet share. All indications are that a digital, omnichannel marketing approach is essential. So even if traditional marketing tactics are working now, they will need to evolve fast. Are you ready? We can help you go digital with your marketing.


Here’s how to begin…


Find your customers and follow them

Get to where your customers are. Find out who influences them. If you’re having a hard time understanding who to target, try developing personas. We have some available to get you started. You can check them out here. This will help you create personalized content that gets to customers at key decision points. Make it even more impactful by tailoring that content for the specific vehicles your customers use most, whether that’s a paid banner ad on a channel publication or a tweet or both.

Keep doing what works

Analyze the impact of your content strategy – what works and what doesn’t. We’ve launched Shared Analytics in Partner Marketing Central to help you measure the effect of your marketing journeys.

By embedding code into your site, you can see which prospects are clicking on the content. This gives you intelligence and insight to market more effectively – crucial if you’re going after a new audience. At the bottom of this blog, you’ll find detailed instructions on how to get started with the Shared Analytics feature.

Take a closer look at what’s behind The Network. Intuitive.

There’s new content in PMC to help you get familiar with the new era of networking. Regional campaigns are in the works and coming soon. We can help you tell the story of the new network. How it’s founded on Cisco DNA. And why it matters that it’s automated, secure, software-driven, and provides analytics to predict issues before they happen. So you’ll be able to offer your customers the foundation for their digital future.

Believe in what you do

It was our mantra at Marketing Velocity, “There’s never been a better time to become a digital believer.” If we don’t adopt digital marketing, we won’t succeed. It does mean changing how we operate.

But be a believer! We’re in this together. We’ve got the best technology in the industry, the ecosystem to help each other build solutions, and the marketing training and content to reach customers with messages that drive demand. Fuel your marketing efforts with the new era of networking.

Download and share new creative assets about the new network.

  1. Visit Partner Marketing Central
  2. Search for “New Era of Networking.”

We’ve got resources ranging from videos to infographics, so you can share what works for you where it works best for your customers.



Getting Started with Shared Analytics

  1. Log in to PMC and add the PMC Web Analytics embed code to your website. Instructions here.
  2. Once prospects “reveals” themselves (form submission, email open, email click, landing page view, landing page click, ad landing page view, etc.), the Web Analytics code in PMC will track prospects’ marketing engagement, building a complete profile for sales and future marketing activity.
  3. All customer tracking is located in the PMC Contacts tab.

If you need additional support, please reach out to your partner marketing manager or contact support@ziftsolutions.com.