When I think of the word security, the first thing that comes to mind is my family. My wife, son, and two daughters are my everything. From the moment I first held my children, I became their figurative security blanket. As they have grown into adulthood, I have offered emotional, communication, internet, transportation, food, personal and so many other types of security to them. Security was more than just a word; I took that responsibility seriously and am proud of who my children have become.

Data security is the second thing that comes to mind. As we have continued down this path of digital transformation, we now see companies making the shift to a sustained hybrid work approach. This is innovation and allows companies to save money, but it’s also opened opportunities for cybersecurity attacks, network gaps, operational issues, and other system security complications.

Security Resilience

Customers have had to invest in new solutions that enable the same access to data and applications for their remote or hybrid employees. Unfortunately, these workplace shifts have created security gaps for cyber criminals to attack. That’s why customers need an established plan for security resilience, so that they can protect the integrity of their business amidst ongoing and unpredictable changes.

The Cisco Secure Difference

Organizations are working to fuel investments in resilience, whether that is in the financial, operations, supply chain, or organizational spheres. What’s underlying in each one? The need for security resilience. The rest of your business investments can quickly be at risk if you don’t have a solid security plan in place.

Cisco defines security resilience as the ability to protect the integrity of every aspect of your business to withstand unpredictable threats or changes and then emerge stronger. With 100% of the Fortune 100 businesses using Cisco Secure solutions, customers trust Cisco with their security to make the seemingly impossible – possible. These security measures aren’t just to protect your internal business data, but customers who tap into it as well. The networks you access to check on inventory; your customers also use to purchase equipment or software.

With the constant and sudden shifts in technology and threats on the rise, it’s not enough to have point solutions from several vendors with the focus on prevention. The new world of security is about detection, response, and recovery. Cisco Secure takes the power of an open, elastic, integrated, global, and trusted approach and gives you a robust threat intelligence and response solution.

Cisco has been operating in multi-environment situations for almost 40 years and we have the open I.T., standards in place so organizations and technologies can utilize. This is part of our DNA to say we have an open platform that has the power to give your business the type of security that boosts your confidence and trust.

The Cisco Security Blanket

While Cisco may not give your business emotional or transportation security, you will have the support to feel like we’re in it together from day one. As proud as I am of my family, I’m also proud to be part of an organization that leads by example and has a solution that fits the needs of each individual customer, regardless of whether they own a small business or are part of a larger corporation.


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John Brookbank

Vice President, Americas Distribution

WW Partner Sales