Technology gets old, it is a fact that we cannot escape. Ensuring the most up-to-date technology is fundamental to drive business agility and customer outcomes.  However, pace of change can often be a challenge when you have a large and complex environment.  Infrastructure at different phases of a technology lifespan deployed through your business can be an inhibitor for transformation and change.  The answer is simple – Cisco has developed a portfolio of solutions provided by Cisco Refresh and Cisco Capital to address these needs for our customers, without having to consider third-party providers.

Kristine A. Snow, SVP and President of Cisco Capital – which includes Cisco Refresh – took time to explore our customer’s technology lifecycle challenges and how organizations can uncover hidden benefits.  While many organizations fret over the significant investment required to migrate to next generation technology, Kris helped explain that organizations can be more strategic and extract incremental value from their investments.

Kris stated, “With Cisco Refresh (Cisco-certified remanufactured equipment) and Cisco Services, we can provide an end-to-end solution that supports your current install base, legacy and next generation, which is why we created this global business over a decade ago.”

Cisco’s Role in the Technology Lifecycle

Historically, the technology lifecycle was driven by the need for additional capacity or throughput.  While this is still important, ensuring the platform can support intuitive software with embedded end-to-end security is now a fundamental consideration, which is driving the technology lifecycle.

The question of when to transition to the next generation of technology can often be a challenge.  Cisco Refresh certified remanufactured products provide a solution to the timing question. Often customers need an extremely price competitive solution to either extend the lifecycle of their currently deployed infrastructure or to support their transition to a next generation platform.  Kris mentions, “We help by empowering our customers, giving them risk-free technology choices incorporating financial and service orientated solutions – all backed by Cisco.”

When it comes to product lifecycle, end-of-life transitions can certainly drive the need for new technology, but the timing needs to be right. “When that time comes,” added Ehrika Gladden VP/GM Cisco Refresh, “Cisco Refresh can be a bridge to new technologies while maintaining and evolving current architectures.”


Lisa McDonald, CEO of Management Data Systems, Inc., stated, “Our partnership with the Cisco Refresh team has really helped to support our product lifecycle transitions with Cisco.”

When it comes to budget constraints, organizations often will delay much-needed computer, server, or other IT infrastructure refreshes or upgrades to save operating or capital expenditures. As a result, many look to non-authorized secondary markets as an option (i.e. pre-owned or used equipment) to reduce the costs. Kris noted, “This can be counter-productive since it could introduce risk into a network rather than improving performance. However, our customers can have the best of both worlds with Cisco Refresh.”  She also added, “Cisco Capital supports the customer financially through a suite of innovative, pay-as-you-grow solutions.”

All products available through Cisco Refresh are remanufactured by Cisco – the original equipment manufacturer – and certified, meaning that Cisco Refresh products include all critical engineering upgrades and accessories, come with the same warranties and SMARTnet support equivalent to new products.  In addition, they are eligible for leasing and financing offers available through Cisco Capital.


For us, it is not just about the latest and greatest technology, but also finding the right way to seamlessly weave next generation products into your legacy framework.  Cisco Refresh and Cisco Capital work together to support an integrated lifecycle approach.  This is a unique capability that only Cisco – the original equipment manufacturer – can deliver.

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Please note that offer terms and conditions can vary by country. Contact your local Cisco or Cisco Capital team for details.


Kristine Snow


Cisco Capital