Every business is looking to grow, but how they accomplish that, and differentiate themselves against competitors, depends on the journey that they create for their customers. While there is no good or bad, there certainly is better and best. With the newly launched Lifecycle Practice Journey, we will help you achieve the latter!

diagram of The Cisco Lifecycle ModelFor Cisco partners who want to become a better version of themself, build and optimize their practice, and earn higher customer loyalty, Cisco has the Cisco Lifecycle Model. This model is based on the industry standard Land, Adopt, Expand, Renew (LAER) approach. It goes a layer deeper though and details the 15 unique touchpoints throughout the customer lifecycle. It is thoughtfully designed to drive customers to business outcomes faster. Each stage throughout the journey comes with various tools, programs, and processes to drive customer success. At the core of this model are the people involved that hold distinct roles and responsibilities to move the customer from stage 1: Need, to Use, all the way to the final stages of Renew through Accelerate into the next opportunity.

To cut through complexity and reduce time spent to find the information you need, we have launched the Lifecycle Practice Journey on Cisco Partner Journeys. At Cisco Partner Summit we announced the availability of this new end-to-end digital experience that enables and equips Cisco partners throughout their Lifecycle transformation.

See it as your ‘Start Here’ to become better and more profitable in your business transformation. Within the 10 modules, you will be guided through Cisco tools, portfolio offerings, resources, and processes to equip you with the right knowledge to achieve outcomes faster. Taking this journey will help gain essential information to:

  • illustration of a construction worker holding a tabletUnderstand the Cisco Lifecycle Model and baseline your Practice Maturity with Partner Experience Platform (PXP).
  • Build your customer segmentation strategy, and put the right people, processes, and tools in place.
  • Provide added value to customers by positioning the right services.
  • Maximize profitability by identifying and seizing upsell, cross-sell and renewal opportunities.

Are you ready to become better, or even the best? Leverage the Lifecycle Practice Journey, it is free and accessible to all Cisco Partners on Cisco Partner Journeys. This journey is for all partners that are looking to build their practice, whether you are at the start of your transformation, or a CX Specialized partner that is looking for ways to optimize and enhance your practice. You can hop between the modules, access the information that is relevant to the stage that you are in, and come back to it at any time.


  START HERE for Lifecycle Practice Optimization


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Steven McGarr

Senior Director, Renewals

Global Partner and Routes to Market Sales