These days, flexibility, adaptability, and agility are vital. Organizations must be able to take advantage of opportunities as they arise, amid economic and supply chain uncertainties. The pressure to reduce costs and add efficiencies continues to squeeze technology budgets.

Fortunately, digital operating models deliver faster time to value, and subscription-based applications offer flexible solutions to help organizations transform by providing access to the latest applications and capabilities at a lower cost. Businesses can choose from an array of subscription-based solutions that make it easier to empower employees and to conduct business, and subscription-based models must deliver recurring value. Subscription-based solutions are available for everything from: computing as a service for networking; infrastructure and storage to specific applications for benefits management, and accounts payable to customer service and AI tools.

Subscription-based solutions enhance experiences

To enable these solutions, companies often need to modernize their IT infrastructure, migrate to the cloud, and provide access to fast, secure, reliable data. Subscription-based solutions can greatly enhance user experience across functional areas. Companies may have dozens of different solutions in use at the same time. This complexity presents the need for more visibility and control to manage multiple license types, lifecycle compliance, efficient utilization, and risk mitigation.

Manage increased complexity

Connected products – products with embedded sensors, software, and connectivity coupled with a product cloud that stores and analyses product data – are transforming infrastructure and services alike. Unlocking the value of the data is key to the future journey. Together, NTT and Cisco are combining capabilities like controllers, Cisco CX Cloud, AI/ML and analytics with APIs into a mesh fabric that enables faster and efficient data sharing between a wide range of sources.

That’s where NTT’s Premium Lifecycle Services, what we call Software-Defined Infrastructure (SDI) Services, provide a ready advantage.   NTT’s automated services platform leverages deep API-level integration with Cisco’s technologies to provide the analytics driven insights and centralized lifecycle management capability, helping organizations gain the speed and agility to meet changing business demands and maximize the value in their Cisco technology investment. With enhanced visibility, you can make more informed decisions, mitigate risk and maintain the right level of control to keep your business running smoothly and optimize your ROI.

Enhance visibility and lifecycle value

Working together, NTT and Cisco deliver a single source solution for the operational management of their infrastructures, simplifying and consolidating the support of multiple license types, providing the insights and recommendations to benefit from the convenience and flexibility of subscription-based licensing.  NTT’s Services Portal features a digital wallet providing enhanced visibility across Cisco and multi-vendor license estates, enabling cost and operational efficiencies throughout the software lifecycle.  This capability is the evolution of NTT’s tried and trusted hardware support, ensuring availability of SDI associated hardware and legacy investments.

By combining our strengths, we bring our clients deep API level integration and data models, plus the expertise to make the right investments, achieving a smooth migration to software-defined technologies.  Additionally, extensive integration with Cisco Success Tracks, based on a connection to PX Cloud, provides telemetry that supports accelerated technology adoption, and predictive insights to optimize lifecycle value through activation, provisioning, support and adoption. We share a common focus on delivering value to our clients and building long-lasting relationships.

By integrating these capabilities into our collaborative offers in a way that is smarter, simpler & secure, intelligent connected infrastructure & SDI Services will not only drive ROI, but also improve performance for clients.

“Organizations need access to expertise and insights at the right time to ensure lifecycle value is realized while transforming infrastructures.”
– Dilip Kumar, Chief Digital & Global Business Services Officer of NTT

Cisco and NTT: partnering our strengths

Cisco and NTT have over 30 years of partnership experience delivering value and building long lasting relationships with our clients. This year, NTT was recognized by Cisco for innovation and leadership and was named Cisco’s Global Managed Services Partner of the Year.

With the combined experience of Cisco and NTT, we can help organizations realize the flexibility, adaptability, and agility they need to build resilience and successfully achieve their goals.

Accelerate business value

Interested in learning more about how we can help you accelerate the modernization of your infrastructure and drive the adoption and ROI for subscription-based solutions?  View the video, Software-defined Infrastructure Services – data-driven services for transforming infrastructures.

For more information, visit the NTT Software Lifecycle Services page!



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Chris Panzeca

Senior Director

Global Strategic Partner Sales