Partners serve as the lifeblood of Cisco and form an essential part of the backbone that supports thousands of businesses across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). They play an integral role, acting as key contributors in maintaining the smooth and seamless functioning of critical networks, applications, and operations.

In an era where assuring digital experiences has transitioned from a mere option to an absolute necessity, Cisco and its partners are joining forces to redefine the boundaries of business resilience and continuity. In this spirit of innovation and partnership, Cisco ThousandEyes takes immense pride in announcing the recipient of the inaugural ThousandEyes Integration Partner of the Year Award 2024 for EMEA: Sintrex.

This award recognizes EMEA-headquartered partners or channel organizations that demonstrate the critical role of ThousandEyes in their company’s practice of assuring digital experiences for businesses and the proof of value demonstrated through their customer success stories.

Watch the Sintrex interview with Mohit Lad, SVP/GM Cisco Networking – Assurance, Co-founder & CEO, ThousandEyes.

“Their exceptional work in seamlessly integrating ThousandEyes into their visibility platform
has not only exemplified innovation but also set a new standard in operational excellence,”

—Tony Finn, Director of ThousandEyes, EMEA Channel Sales

A Winning Integration

The process to determine the winner of this award was nothing short of rigorous. It consisted of several stages, each designed to challenge the contenders and reveal their strengths.

This process reached its culmination when the finalists were invited to present their strategies and solutions to an expert panel of judges. The panel included leaders from ThousandEyes’ Sales and Engineering Leadership, a discerning audience to those presenting their integrations.

Nonetheless, the integration presented by Sintrex was a standout and will help ensure they stay ahead of technology trends while providing their customers with exceptional digital transformation solutions. This unique blend of innovation and service has not only won them the award but also a chance to shine in a highly visible way.

As a prize for winning this award, Sintrex had the opportunity to join alongside ThousandEyes at Cisco Live EMEA 2024 to showcase their award-winning integration to customers and partners.

Sintrex’s comprehensive understanding and deep knowledge of ThousandEyes have been instrumental in them clinching this award, further testifying to their expertise in the field.

Continuing Our Partnership

The collaboration between the companies involved in this award process has resulted in a unique partner-based approach to assuring digital experiences for businesses. This aspect has been acknowledged and praised by everyone involved.

Mihaela Traus, ThousandEyes Channel Account Manager for Sintrex, said, “We are excited about our partnership with Sintrex. Their offer around ThousandEyes is an innovative example of what assuring digital experiences for business looks like. I’m thrilled about our journey together.”

“This recognition is a testament to our collaborative efforts and commitment to excellence in the digital assurance space,” said Emile Biagio, CEO of Sintrex. “The opportunity to showcase our value proposition at the exhibition with ThousandEyes is invaluable. It highlights our dedication to delivering exceptional solutions and strengthens the partnership, paving the way for continued success in the dynamic digital landscape.”


Learn about the Sintrex integration from Sintrex experts in our ThousandEyes Partner Connection Podcast:

Sintrex: The ThousandEyes 2024 Integration Partner of the Year EMEA

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Tony Finn


Partner Sales