Tony Finn


Partner Sales

Antony Finn is a seasoned professional with experience in various business domains including finance, marketing, and sales. Through these experiences, he has developed a deep appreciation for business and innovation. Antony's background has provided him with a diverse perspective, allowing him to offer valuable insights for customers and partners. He has a particular interest in utilizing technology to improve people, processes, and communication.


February 23, 2024


Sintrex Wins 2024 ThousandEyes Integration Partner of the Year EMEA

2 min read

Cisco ThousandEyes takes immense pride in announcing our ThousandEyes Integration Partner of the Year Award 2024 for EMEA: Sintrex. This award recognizes EMEA-headquartered partners that demonstrate the critical role of ThousandEyes in their company's practice of assuring digital experiences for businesses.