Visualizing Workflow In One Place Saves Korean Power Customer Millions

A network that operates intuitively shows you what you need to know. As you need to know it. And, the more complex things that are connected, the more critical that insight is to your entire operation.

What’s working? What’s not? What could work better? Can you fix it now? Maybe. If you have the right partner.

Our partner N3N builds software to help customers detect, manage and predict business operations through a single pane of glass. This includes pan and zoom technology, mapping, sensors, and videos that you can monitor on a phone or tablet.

It’s made a big difference for their customers, especially one in South Korea.

N3N says…

KOEN, the biggest electricity provider in South Korea, recently moved their HQ 300 miles, from Seoul to Jinju. But they needed to keep watch over the six power plants they left behind. So, they used an array of 1,500 cameras and sensors to catch safety issues like fires or break-ins.

The problem is, it was costing them millions to stream so much video over so many miles. And it took several people to watch all the different feeds.

KOEN asked us to help simplify the process. In three months, we helped them install INNOWATCH, which combines hundreds of video and data feeds into a single pane of glass. It saves bandwidth by sending new pixels only when the image changes. And they can manage it all on Cisco UCS servers.

The results have been electric. KOEN’s video bandwidth costs went down by 90%, which saved them $7.1 million a year. They also saved another $700k in the first three months by catching 207 safety issues more quickly than they would have before. All with only one person watching the feeds.

That’s what we call keeping the lights on.

Thanks, N3N!


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Julie Colwell

Marketing Manager

Global Partner Marketing