Cisco is shaking up the market and doubling down on SD-WAN while doing all we can to help our partners propel to the next level. Why? Because the market is crazy dynamic, SD-WAN is the connective tissue for network digital transformation and customer demands change seemingly by the hour. I am thrilled about the hyper-focus that our partners have demonstrated not only around loyalty to Cisco but also showing true agility in the market being able to respond to unprecedented disruption caused by work from home impacts, the demand for lower cost more agile networks and the inherent demand for best-in-class security. Personally, and having had lots of experience outside of Cisco, we super excited about how the Cisco Enterprise Networking teams have uniquely responded with innovation while always ensuring that the needs of our partners are a priority.

Let’s double click on how Cisco has invested in ensuring our partners can successfully sell, deploy and support Cisco Secure SD-WAN regardless of their preferred route to market be it for resale with value added partner services or through a partner led managed service.

Innovative Offers and Incentives: We are planning to leverage the well-known Cisco Seller rewards program to reward partner sellers who complete any of the following sales challenges

  1. Use our new Cisco Ready for Partner intent-based networking campaign to close deals
  2. Include the latest Cisco 100 on 100 Secure SD-WAN Competitive Takeout offer on an order or
  3. Sell any combination of our best-in-class Cisco SASE solution offering.

We are also rewarding partner sales engineers explicitly for their critical role in selling the same solutions via our Shogun Rewards program. Finally, and if you haven’t seen it already, now is a great time to remind our partners of the ways we help with profitability via the value incentive program.

Seller Rewards

Cisco Shogun

Cisco Ready for Partners

Cisco 100 on 100 Secure SD-WAN Competitive Takeout Offer

Connect Control and Converge with Cisco SASE

VIP Program

I am excited that we didn’t stop there and created the Level Up to C8K promotion that includes up to a 38% additional discount plus free hardware modules and the First Year on Us offer for customers who have already bought qualified Cisco SD-WAN capable routers ex. the first 12 months on 3-year licenses are completely free! Learn more here!

Trifecta of Multi-cloud, SASE, and Continuous Innovation

The other critical area that deserves more attention is how Cisco’s vision and leadership in Cisco Secure SD-WAN has led to a disruptive model that our competition can only scramble to emulate.  It’s super fun to be part of a hard driving team that is listening and responding to the market. There is so much buzz and Cisco has the scale and experience to not only make the right moves from a tech advancement perspective but also with the ability to go deep with technology integrations be it with our own platforms or with ecosystem partners.

SD-WAN as the Glue

Our comprehensive, open and feature rich Cisco Secure SD-WAN is the glue and the core of our multi-domain, multi-cloud and SASE solutions. For example, with SD-WAN to Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) integration, IT managers can define application SLA’s one time and prioritize business critical applications which are running in the Data Center across the SD-WAN fabric.


In addition, Cisco SD-WAN can manage and orchestrate the needs inherent in SASE providing best in class cloud-based networking as a service together with security as a service as one complete solution from a single vendor. It is with the Cisco SASE solution that our partners and customers can connect from any user to any cloud, control with multiple security functions beyond the perimeter and converge networking plus security for multi-cloud at scale.

Streamline Multi-Cloud Deployments

Additional functionality to meet market demands will be announced this month covering deep(er) integrations to cloud service providers, SDCI (software defined cloud interconnect), security and infrastructure advancements.

To wrap it up, it’s indisputably a disruptive market and we are doing all we can to shake it up and not only stay in front but leverage all of our resources to ensure that we remove friction for our partners by keeping partner profits at the forefront with innovative offers plus incentives together with leading edge innovation. This strategy will help future proof the solutions while reducing risks and rewarding partners for taking the ride with us. We are excited about the future so enjoy the ride, we have your back, and as always, we value your feedback.


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Craig Ginsberg

SD-WAN Go To Market Lead

Global Partner Organization